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Memorial Day Logo


Happy Memorial Day!

Remember Our Heroes ~ They Are The Reason We Are Free!

Memory Lane Dress Set for Memorial Day 2013

Memory Lane Dress Set for Memorial Day 2013


Shiran & Argus of Two Moons Paradise are holding a vivid Memorial Day Celebration today that you won’t want to miss!

Catch up with their Event Schedule.

Once again, they asked that I design something specific for this event.

I love “grunge” ~ and had made these textures a while ago in hopes of making something special with them….soooo…


I always design something extra special to give away FREE for their events and keep them up for a Limited Time in my BamPu Legacies Shop.

The FREE FIRECRACKER HAT can also be found on the bar at their COCONUT ROCK area where there is live entertainment and dancing!.

Once you land at their Event, there are teleporters set up to visit the rest of their lovely sim.

Make sure to TP or FLY to the Wharf Area where you will find many shops, including ChopZuey & MED!

BamPu Legacies Shop is in the middle of these two!


Memory Lane Firecracker Hat for Memorial Day ~ Free for Limited Time At Two Moons Paradise

Memory Lane Firecracker Hat for Memorial Day ~ Free for Limited Time At Two Moons Paradise

You can also find the dress at my marketplace.

Enjoy!  Bambi Chique!

Happy Memorial Day!

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Truth Model Search Logo 800x

Truth Hawks has announced a grid wide competition:  Truth Model Search! 

This is quite exciting to me as I remember purchasing loads of his hair when I first came into Second Life.

I have a huge dynamic folder dedicated to his excellent designs which I can alter depending on my mood and particular dress for the day.

The competition opened 14 May 2013 SLT and closes 1 June 2013.

He has a flickr page dedicated to everyone’s entries.  I have admired numerous selections of many darling Second Life ladies that have entered.

You can post your photographs on his flickr to be included for the running to win a $2500 Truth Gift Card and have your picture featured in his store.

He is also selecting 10 lucky winners and will rotate posters featuring the selected models in his store as well as receive a $1000 Gift card.

Timeless ~ Truth Hair "Bea"

Timeless ~ Truth Hair “Bea”

I jumped on the opportunity to join his competition for a few reasons.

#1 ~ I love his hair because it is exactly to me what it states “TRUE” ~ looks absolutely true and natural!

I am thrilled with the new colors for his mesh designs.

I purchased several new styles to include his $400Linden set with a variety of colors; rather than purchasing a single color set.

When I say variety? I mean ~ GOBS AND GOBS of variations are included in these sets.

SORAZORA -Truth Hair "Kaelyn"

SORAZORA -Truth Hair “Kaelyn”

I can’t wait to wear some of the new styles and colors I bought.  All my friends know they will see me in a new outfit and hair design every time we visit!

His new store is set up in a superb manner where shoppers have plenty of room to walk around and view the large photos while deciding on their purchases.

(I call this a “NO BUMPIES” store! ~ No one bumping into each other! LOL )

Here is the Second Life Maps link to his new shop:

And to enter the competition or simply enjoy the hundreds of gorgeous models, take a peak at his flickr:

Jungle Influence - Truth Hair "Tamina"

Jungle Influence – Truth Hair “Tamina”

Best of luck to all the dreamy gorgeous models who enter ~ I hope you enjoy my entries too!

Til Next Time……..Bambi! xoxo

Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies FLICKR:


Hair:  Truth “Bea”

Eyelashes: Dime Piece PP Pearls – Adjustable – Found at Shapes by Anna

Dress:  Morea Style “Fleur

Pose by Sinfully “Isolated 12”


Hair:  Truth “Kaelyn”

Eyelashes:  Redgrave 29 Vampire

MakeUp: Madrid Solo – Lying Eyes Dark Red Eyeshadow, Insanity Plea Red Lips

Clothing:  EMO-tions Red Zora & Necklace

Pose: Sinfully Replay


Hair:  Truth “Tamina”

MakeUp: Noya Green Glitter Eyes & Silver Peach Lips

Clothing & Accessories: SeVered GarDeN “Tamu”

Pose by Sinfully


I have a great affinity for all things Africa!

In fact, my Bucket List includes a real life trip to Cape Town where I plan to visit 2 families of special friends (with whom I have known for 20 years) who will arrange a Photography Safari Adventure.  So, in the mean time I thought I’d take you within the African depths of Second Life and show you some of my favorite sims that I have visited over the last year or so.

"Eye See Africa" by Bambi Chicque ~ Sim by ALB "Lamu Dreams"
“Eye See Africa” by Bambi Chicque ~ Sim by ALB “Lamu Dreams”

We all have done that “search thing” for a theme when we want to find somewhere to explore or shop in Second Life.

And sometimes while shopping we just happen upon that significant matter on the brain; ie: double the pleasure!

My fondness for AnaLee Balut’s designs of ALB LAMU takes me to just that moment when I visit her ALB DREAM FASHION Boutique.

Well, it’s more than a boutique!  Once there, you better set some time on your watch to stay an entire day as there is more than meets the eye with her creations.

"Paint My World Day & Night" by Bambi Chicque ~ Sim by ALB "Lamu Dreams"
“Paint My World Day & Night” by Bambi Chicque ~ Sim by ALB “Lamu Island”

My favorite area is her LAMU ISLAND which blends the Orient & African motif in landscape, building and an array of items to purchase.

You can opt to take the tour upon a friendly donkey or do what I did:

"And They Follow" by Bambi Chicque ~ ALB Sim "ASPIRE HEIGHTS & LAMU DREAMS"
“And They Follow” by Bambi Chicque ~ ALB Sim “ASPIRE HEIGHTS & LAMU ISLAND”

(Well I actually did both! teehee!)

I visit her sim often since I am a thrilled member of her group and receive notices for their new items, group gifts and special events.

One of my many visits was back in February 2013 where I decided to begin my lifelong personal hunt for African and Jungle Themed sims to photograph for my photography series I am creating for a special project.

And thus begins my account of Out Of Africa…

"Prayer For Journey" by Bambi Chicque ~ Clothing by ALB "Jade"
“Prayer For Journey” by Bambi Chicque ~ Clothing by ALB “Jade”

“The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon at night. The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil. He shall preserve thy soul.

The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in. From this time forth and even forevermore.”  Amen.

One must daydream a little when speculating upon a theme to photograph and write about.  It takes more than a day; wait…more than a month;…wait much more sometimes to bring the tale alive.

So I sat in ALB’s Dream Globe many a time – (and have purchased it for my own meditations ~ it’s only $100 Linden!)

I searched through my Second Life Photography files for moments in time where I engaged upon such African and Jungle matters.  I remember going to the PATRON sim with my ex-business partner, Gopu, as he wanted to buy an extravagant Christmas Tree for our palace (where else other than Patron??).  We found it to be another unique sim where you can visit to purchase lustful items as well as exploring their creative ambient locale.

"The Elephant Trail" by Bambi Chicque ~ Patron Sim
“The Elephant Trail” by Bambi Chicque ~ Patron Sim

By 1Gent :

the elephant trail

We lived by the legends, held fast the songs
We carved the land and painted the ancient rocks
We walked the plains and we drove the rains under thundered sky
These are the tales that keep memories alive 
These are the rhythms, to which our souls arrive.
Seek and be sought
Old father holds son, reminds him all he taught
Seek and be sought.
Walk now and fast, follow the elephant trail
These herds are not your own.
Walk now and fast, journey the elephant trail
These herds are not your own.
Walk now and fast, journey lone
Find and make your herd on the elephant trail.

"Explore Beyond" by Bambi Chicque
“Explore Beyond” by Bambi Chicque

 I have continued my quest for the African zill and recently ventured onto a magnificent sim with my friend Vian….I spent at least 2 days or more exploring and taking photographs for my collection….

"Freedom Walks In Sunshine" by Bambi Chicque
“Freedom Walks In Sunshine” by Bambi Chicque

Quote from the movie “Out Of Africa”:

“The time you won your town the race…
we cheered you through the marketplace.
Man and boy stood cheering by…
as home we brought you, shoulder high.
Smart lad, to slip betimes away… 
from fields where glory does not stay
Early though the laurel grows…
it withers quicker than a rose…….

…Now you will not swell the rout…
of lads that wore their honors out.
Runners whom renown outran…
and the name died…
before the man……

"Home With No Doors" by Bambi Chicque ~ Pose by F*ing Ninjas ~ Clothing by EMO-tions
“Home With No Doors” by Bambi Chicque ~ Pose by F*ing Ninjas ~ Clothing by EMO-tions

….. And round that early laureled head…
will flock to gaze the strengthless dead…
and find unwithered on its curls…  
a garland…
briefer than a girl’s………. 

"Rasps In The Grasslands" by Bambi Chicque ~ Sim: Jungle Starhaven
“Rasps In The Grasslands” by Bambi Chicque ~ Sim: Jungle Starhaven

….. Now take back the soul of Denys George Finch Hatton…
whom You have shared with us.  
He brought us joy…  
and we loved him well. 
He was not ours,
He was not mine.

"Together Beyond Borders" by Bambi Chicque ~ Outfit by Rag Dollz
“Together Beyond Borders” by Bambi Chicque ~ Outfit by Rag Dollz ~ Pose by Razmatazz

 See below for a list of items worn and poses used to create my images.

"Pulse Of Africa" by Bambi Chicque ~ Sim:  Jungle Starhaven
“Pulse Of Africa” by Bambi Chicque ~ Sim: Jungle Starhaven

If I know a song of Africa…  
of the giraffe…   
and the African new moon lying on her back…
of the plows in the fields…
and the sweaty faces of the coffee pickers…
does Africa know a song of me?   
Will the air over the plain quiver…
with a color that I have had on? 
Or will the children invent a game…
in which my name is?
Or the full moon throw a shadow…
over the gravel of the drive…
that was like me? 
Or will the eagles of the Ngong Hills look out for me?

Out Of Africa Tiger Logo

Visit my FLICKR Page:

The list of items and poses is quite large!  Here we go….wheeew!

Native Jungle Scenes:  OUTFIT:  EMO-tions Terra Nova outfit, Shadow Rider Head Band, EMO-tions Luminis Staff, Hair EMO-tions Louise Black; Mayway Warrior Choker; My PiXel Puppet’s Nightsparks body & face tattoo; TGW Torvis Gorean Feathers Taluna Anklet, Poses by F*ing Ninjas: Death’s Wish & Stick ‘Em Up.

Alb Aspire Heights Scenes:  Donkey walking pose F*ing Ningas Ringo Star, *Hair w/Donkey D!va Chiharu Onyx, *Prayer Hair:  Earth & Sky Elinor Black; Clothes & Jewelry:  ALB Jade, Boots:  ALB Beyonce

Steampunk & Elephant Scene:  Clothes by Rag Dollz: Brave New World, Steam Deck Boots Brown; POSE Salute by Razmatazz; Hair Damselfly Black Hair Pearl RIALYN 

My Best Friend's Wedding LOGO


Some people come into our lives for a while, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. 

One of my dearest and best friends, Harley, and business partner in Second Life vowed to marry and cherish forever my truly dear and lovely friend, Simba !

The Forever Vow ~ Harley & Simba ~ May 7, 2013

The Forever Vow ~ Harley & Simba ~ May 7, 2013

It was an exciting morning in all the preparation for this grand wedding.

I selected an exquisite pink gown that I had picked up at the Hollywood 2013 Event by FA Creations since Simba told me her colours would be pink.  I quickly dressed and…….

Painting Pink Petals

Painting Pink Petals

I sent my radar IM to Harley and asked if he had picked out a tuxedo yet.  He had and, of course, Simba had already approved…..BUT….

I knew that one of my favorite designers of Second Life had quite an impeccable selection of tuxedos and asked if he wanted me to send a limo over to visit Adam EdelStein’s grand shop

and see if he preferred something else that would knock him off his grooming feet.

With the quickening of a TP we landed and he was in awe.  My gift to Harley was this magnificent “OLLERUS” prince style ensemble including the royal boots.

Simba popped in and was much delighted as well.  (I designed and created an amazing Gazebo set up for Simba, but will post pictures of this at a later date.)

Gorgeous Groom ~ Harley

Gorgeous Groom ~ Harley

We arrived at the Chapel “Houses of Jana ~ Chaton” with much grace and anticipation to mingle among the enchanted guests.

Chapel Of Love ~ Gown by FA Creations

Chapel Of Love ~ Gown by FA Creations

There was a sense of love and friendship in the air while friends found their seats and quietly listened to the music and breathtaking wedding vows pronounced by the Minister, Jana.

Vapor appeared in a spunky and delightful mood:

Ahhhh!  The Vapor!

Ahhhh! The Vapor!

While Slayer appeared in an aurora of mystery and respect:

Stealthy Slayer

Stealthy Slayer

I captivated dozens upon dozens of luscious pix of the beautiful bride, Simba, but selected this particular photograph to adorn her with florals as beautiful as she.

Her delicious wedding gown is the creation of Celeste Weddings “Sony eLee SAB White” by Vivians Artizar

 It flowed in harmony amid the surrounding gala as she sparkled like a Queen.

You can see here in the photograph a glimpse of Simba’s lovely Maid of Honour, Nurs:

Charisma Of Simba

Charisma Of Simba

The reception was more exciting than one can imagine with the wedding cake, follies and dancing.  Most especially fun was the tossing of the bouquet:

Fortune Bouquet ~ Gown by Celeste Weddings

Fortune Bouquet ~ Gown by Celeste Weddings


“If friends were flowers, you would be the perfect rose.

So catch my bouquet, my special friend, hold it close to your heart.

And always remember me, your friend, and we’ll never be apart.”

Z Rose Trim Logo.png.

Since the wedding, I visit Harley & Simba’s chalet often to enjoy games and chatting while we storm up ideas for the business.  Designing stages are still a work in progress, but time will tell where we land!

I hope you enjoyed this segment with the wedding details.  It was an exciting day for me and I was honored to be a part of their special day.

Congratulations Harley & Simba!  Love you!

Bambi Chicque

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In Search Of Sand And Sea LOGO.png.There are so many events on Second Life’s roster and I do my best to search them all out for shopping and beautiful environments for my photography craving!

In between traveling, staying at hotels & spending all my free time in my favorite world…where else? SecondLife! ~ I post my treasures and tales here and place my photography on my flickr.

Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies Flickr:

I have folders waiting to post, but for now I thought you would enjoy a tid bit regarding the Sand And Sea Expo 2013.

In Search of Sand And Sea Expo 2013 ~ The Tree Is Fine!

In Search of Sand And Sea Expo 2013 ~ The Tree Is Fine!

I was in haste, yes you see.

To the event

I must wear my best.

Lost my timekeeper in the kelp.

Snagged the wrong map from waters depth.

Slipped into my ruby red mer~dress

And almost forgot to tuck in my breast.

The fish at the school had already left.

All the waves were roaring in unrest,

I could hear the sails flapping beyond the sea;

Oh my, what a weft!

Then a bright red flash flickered from above.

I pondered someone sent my knight in white mer~armor.

Yet not a blissful foam or nest of seaweed,

All I could see was a vector with 4 black drums.

Rythms and hums it echoed in swell

Guess that’s my ride – I might as well.

Nor on land or under the sea

Have I ever surfed on such as thee.

But off I flew when the drums rolled over

I did not even notice the thud or the thunder,

But more so found a tree!

No not driftwood, nor log or bamboo was he,

It stood quite solid and whispered to me:

“Just push that fin deep to the board

The day is not over, you’ll meet the fjord!

The sand and sea will always be near

Don’t worry, as my laughter is your reward my dear!”

And so I suppose a thought to shine

Why yes, the Tree Is Fine!

 ♥ The end ♥ 

Oh wait…

I did land where I meant to be!

(I had just finished posing with several new mermaid outfits when I heard new music ~ I flew over to my neighbor’s to see what was going on and found this unique vehicle stuck in the wall as displayed in a sort of crash!  We laughed and, of course, I clicked “ride” ~ and away I went.  The thought of me rushing back and forth setting up some of my items at the exhibit, buying, clicking for prizes, taking photographs and posing at various booth areas…I thought this scene was a perfect way to describe how I was feeling at that moment!)

Relaxing At Sand & Sea Expo 2013 ~ Furnishings by Headhunter's Island

Relaxing At Sand & Sea Expo 2013 ~ Furnishings by Headhunter’s Island

I have always loved Headhunter”s Island designs.  Their details in textures and creative ideas have brought pleasure to my personal hideaway sim.  Each exhibitor had prizes for patrons as well as gifts for the bloggers.  Yep, I’ll be rezzing away sometime tomorrow eve to check out my new goodies!   This is the first year for the Sand And Sea Expo which adorned many spectacular builders and designers.

You can keep up with their information here:

This gracious event was sponsored by Oceania Breedables.

It came at a perfect time for me as I had just purchased Chanimation’s newest  treat “Diving Deep” and wanted to search out new mermaid ensembles to add to my enormous collection – Yes I WANT MORE!!  I merrily set out this gorgeous Rainbow Fish in my mermaid cave (Enigmacious Merhaven) and began to pose for several hours while listening to enigma musicals.  The colors and sleek beauty of this new friend of mine had me enthusiastic to hurry and get my sim ready for the public.  I have lots of surprises in store, so I thought it best to take my time and present everything when all is perfectly in order; and I am in by no means in a rush…but will let everyone know when the Grand Opening begins.  My new business partner and I have such plans!!!   I’m sure you will feel as though your dreams have come true once you enter my fantasy world.

Continueing on:  Kudos! to Chandra of Chanimations / deviousMind for yet another outstanding creation!

The set has several options to set out to use and she includes an informative note card explaining the poses, several prim and texture options.

Of Chance We Meet ~ Rainbow Fish "Diving Deep" ~ Mermaid Ensemble Erare Sirens Fury by Celoe and LeLutka’s Erare Event

Of Chance We Meet ~ Rainbow Fish “Diving Deep” ~ Mermaid Ensemble Erare Sirens Fury by Celoe and LeLutka’s Erare Event

I selected 2 of my favorite poses that Chandra packaged in this luxurious mermaid prop.  Be sure to visit her shop and delight yourself with the other poses.

Chanimations:  deviousMind

I can’t wait to see what’s next from Celoe and LeLutka Erare!  My friend, Grace, has kept me well informed with the latest mer-fun-items and we fell in love with this particular alluring red set called “Sirens Fury”

You can find it here:   Celoe and LeLutka’s Erare Event

Tranquil Harmony ~ Mermaid Ensemble Erare Sirens Fury ~ Rainbow Fish by Chanimations deviousMind

Tranquil Harmony ~ Mermaid Ensemble Erare Sirens Fury ~ Rainbow Fish by Chanimations deviousMind

My friend, Grace, invited people to come to the Sand and Sea Expo to give “mermaid lessons”!

We had fun as we watched everyone merdance in their ornate mermaid clothing and accessories.  This beauty caught my eye as she danced in such poise!

Safe Waters ~ Exhibit by Safe Waters Foundation ~ Hugz To My Friend Grace

Safe Waters ~ Exhibit by Safe Waters Foundation ~ Hugz To My Friend Grace

And I finally found the perfect setting for one of my favorite designer’s mermaid ensembles:  Boudoir’s “Fishing For Compliments”.  To compliment the set I found emo-Tions’ newest hair “Sunburst” (purchased at Fantasy Faire 2013) to coordinate perfectly!  I comes in 4 vivid colors as well as matching hair bases.  I love how Madrid Solo’s “Insanity Plea” makeup (purchased at Fashion For Life Event 2013) harmonized the complete look.



Fearless Charm ~ Mermaid Ensemble by Boudoir ~ Hair by emo-Tions

Fearless Charm ~ Mermaid Ensemble by Boudoir ~ Hair by emo-Tions

I am on  a roll photographing new mermaid sets and will post them here soon.  The Sand and Sea Expo 2013 not only opened the door to new creations ranging from yachts, beach homes & furnishings and apparel but brought my friends and myself hour of pleasure while swimming in the deep blue sea and visiting the land decor.  I was honored to be able to set out a few items for “FREE” at my friend’s display from Two Moons Paradise.  I will have these items for free at my shop for a limited time.  I added more designs to the shop this past week and have a few more to add in the coming days.

Be sure to visit Two Moons Paradise this week as we have a gorgeous Rain Forest set up for dancing with your friends.  Remember, there is a Mermaid area below with ongoing entertainment.

Visit BamPu Legacies Shop:

(You will land at the main area and TP or fly to The Wharf Area for the shops!)  Look for me in between YDEA and Chop Zuey!

Two Moons Paradise Display at Sand And Sea Expo 2013

Two Moons Paradise Display at Sand And Sea Expo 2013

I hope you enjoyed viewing the gorgeous mermaid outfits and reading a little bit here.  I don’t have as much time to blog as I would like, but I know I get messages regarding my posts and questions about items and sales.  Thank you all for visiting!

Be sure to check out my marketplace:

Til next time!  hugzzz

Bambi Chicque

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