Hunting, Shopping & 4th Of July At Grumble ~ 2013

Hunting, Shopping & 4th Of July At Grumble ~ 2013

My day was packed in Second Life…well wait…my WHOLE WEEK was packed in SecondLife!  Wheeew!

I have a “Bunny-Do-List”!

 After I set out my new 7-item GACHA to sell at the sim where

“A Bed In The Wheatfield” Fair will be held (information will be posted tomorrow),

I hopped on over to GRUMBLE to hunt, shop and celebrate 4th Of July!

I raced back home to change into a couple of items that I found…..



Well I just had to rez something! *winks*

If you look real close, I first landed wearing the cute little “Boppers Band-Aid” that I had forgot to take off after trying on my gifts,

but decided to wear it for the pic! *winks again cuz it’s soooooo cute*!

I’ll take a close up of it tomorrow to post here as well as the precious Eversong white pearl necklace so you can see the gorgeous “LOVE” PENDANT dangling from it.

Fireworks At Grumble

Fireworks At Grumble

The fireworks were fantastic!  The sim was packed with shoppers, ogglers, hunters and friends chatting.

This is one of my favorite sims to visit as Allie Munro always has something interesting and unique going on…..yes…


I wondered around and found a room behind Eversong’s main entry and just took a deep breath in as I admired the most lucious yummy eye-candy wedding and celebration cakes.

(I was hunting, toooooo!)

Wedding Cakes at Grumble ~ Eversong ~ Allie Monro

Wedding Cakes at Grumble ~ Eversong ~ by Allie Monro


There is a RED TAG SALES EVENT going on now through July 15th.

Presented by Alissa Serenity along with GRUMBLE.

RTSE- Summer Shopping Spree poster

Summer Shopping Spree Cart Sale July 1-15

Beat the summer heat and join in for some summer fun…SHOPPING!!

They have some amazing shops in this Summer Shopping Spree Cart Sale; each one has a special hot summer item for sale and much more.

This will also include a fun MINI HUNT (hunt items 0-15L).

Check here for a sneak peek at the wonderful vendors:


Eversong bw LogoI plan to show you a lot more in reference to the hunt and gifts after I finish hunting and a little more shopping.

Make sure you visit the sim so you can pick up a lot of goodies, check out the MM Boards and enjoy the shopping and ambience!

This is one gorgeous shopping sim!

Don’t forget to visit EVERSONG and you have to check out her cakes!  (Find that cake room! 🙂

You can read all about their events and hunts here:

Until tomorrow my friends….

mUaHzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque

Oh………….the hair??? It’s by EMO-tions, of course! “Anita”