A Bed In The Wheatfield ~ July 7-28 2013 ~ GACHA FESTIVAL

A Bed In The Wheatfield ~ July 7-28 2013 ~ GACHA FESTIVAL

Today is the grand opening for THE BED IN THE WHEATFIELD FESTIVAL!

I met Alyssalillian McMinnar while I was shopping another event a few months back and we quickly became friends, talking for the longest time!

It took a while before I was free enough to start designing for their Festivals, but have been eager and anxious to get involved with their GACHA ADDICTION Group and events!

The Group Chat and the Creators are fun to be around and we all have a common goal:

To make unique and different items of interest and quality for everyone to enjoy!

I was able to snatch up a few GACHA wins today and will rezzzz them out within the day and post my treats here.

Diamond Break by Bambi Chicque

Diamond Break by Bambi Chicque

When I tried on this fun and very detailed “Faygo Lover Cargo Pants & Tied Top” by Artful Designs I couldn’t wait to pose!

(I had obtained WetCat’s “BreakStuff 3” pose a while back and quite anxious to find just the right outfit to wear to pose with it! *grins*)

There is a pair of Black Tennis Shoes that comes with the Faygo set as well.

Artful Designs added several men’s outfits to her GACHA’s!

~ So come on out GUYS ~ you will enjoy this shopping spree just as much as we gals do!

I opted to wear Alyssalillian’s “COOL ZERO Opposite Attract Tartan Tennis Shoes” and fell in love with the NEW skin by LUZ “Delma Vintage”.

There are several colors you can win in all these sets.

Setting Up at Gacha Festival

Setting Up at Gacha Festival

Here I am (yes the Sugar Glider again *snickers*) setting up my display.  This is how it looks before I add my items.

The sim IS FABULOUS!  A must see!  Lots of fun windmills, horses and tractors in the wheatfields.

Make sure to join the group as there is a nice group gift hidden somewhere.

The scarecrow GACHA’s are cute cute cute!

GACHA ~ Vintage Beach Mirth

GACHA ~ Vintage Beach Mirth




Gachas: … most time, are little cute looking machines,

offering a choice of products for one price!

✰ Lower than regular pricing ✰

Goods are given by principle of contingency.

Gacha items are no copy, therefor you can give the double sets you might win to your friends!


✰   A Bed in the Wheatfield ! ✰

Yellow. Spreckled red’n blue a surging sea of wheat.

A balmy shimmering breeze of summer heat.

Crickets are chirping and fireflies dance,

A perfect setting for a summer romance.

Protected from nature and out of sight,

✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

A Bed in the Wheatfield GACHA runs from July 7 – 28 2013.

Pass by, have fun and become addicted.

Oh……….and Alyssalillian and Dela explained the theme from the event derives from this song:

I’ll be looking for ya there!

Here is your TRACTOR RIDE to the festival:



hUgZzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies