Blazing Bedroom ~ Yeah Bleeping Bunny Hunt!

Blazing Bedroom ~ Yeah Bleeping Bunny Hunt!

While thrilling as it is to “hunt”,

what’s even more thrilling is when you set out your prizes

and find how perfect they are for your decorating desires!

My palace takes up 1/4 of a full sim so you can imagine

how much room I have to enhance every little stretch!

I like to garnish each area with various themes and,

of course, highlight the spectacular and unusual!

When I first joined Second Life, Lok’s Furniture was one of my first

decorating shops to buy from as they create such an array of

LOW PRIM quality merchandise!

Imagine my tingle when I won Lok’s DELILAH BEDROOM SET

and how nicely it coordinated with Naughty Naughty’s AUTUMN HOME SET

from the Bleeping Bunny Hunt!

Safari clothing are among my fav’s to prance around in, so I quickly

dressed to match with Naughty Naughty’s Safari Mini Dress,

also won from the hunt!

I did a long search for the right pose to show off the dress’s side view

detailing the open skin for a flirtatious eye candy glimpse!

So, LW-C’s Poisonous Female pose was my choice!

Check out more details of the BLEEPING BUNNY HUNT here:

I might have cursed a little bit during the hunt to find those

*&^bleeping^&* prizes, but I’m proud to say I washed my mouth out

with soap once I set all these goodies!

*insert snicker here*

Soooooooooooo, what cha waiting for?

Get yourself to the hunt before it’s over!

August 1-15, 2013!

hUgZzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies