To Boot, Or Not To Boot ~ G Shoes

To Boot, Or Not To Boot ~ G Shoes

Love, Love, Love these new Buckled Ankle Boots

by “G Shoe”!

♛  ♛  ♛

“G” Buckled Black Ankle Boots

Ladies shoes by “G” Shoes .

Don’t just let them see your feet, make them say “G look at those Shoes!”

♛  ♛  ♛

They did a wonderful job with the black patent leather texture

and I haven’t taken them off since I put them on….

And….this is a SNEAK PEAK to one of my new outfits

I am creating for an upcoming FAIR!

(Announcement coming soon with full line

of Men’s, Ladies & Decorating Items!!)

I ran through my poses by WetCat (The Rissing) since they

create perfect and unusual postures for modeling purposes!

This one screams “LOOK AT MY BOOTS”!

So, I titled this pic

“To Boot, Or Not To Boot”!

Here’s your taxi to purchase these lovelies:

hUgZzZzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies