Zamora Welcome Rainbow Zebra Set with Poses & Plants

Zamora Welcome Rainbow Zebra Set with Poses & Plants

I have a high affinity for any animal print; especially the Zebra!

You should see my home in real and my palace in SL!

So, with the CIRCUS FAIR items I have been designing and creating

this past month – just HAD to create a fun-loving Welcome Zebra

with a bit of variance to the norm!

I created this RAINBOW texture along with the coordinating

colorful florals and bucket with the word WELCOME for the set!

So far I have had immediate and on-going sales!

I hear “cha-ching” quite a bit while in SL since I set this out to sell!

I had several requests for it to be TRANSFER OK so they can gift it.

I will set that Vendor out by tomorrow.

I sold some already to people requesting it via IMs!

(Notecards will be best when I am offline.)

It also comes with the same Rainbow Hat (with Resizer) that

Zamora is wearing.

I added 5 distinct poses for you to play with too!

Argus Dreams ~ Argus on BamPu Legacies' Zamora Welcome Zebra!

Argus Dreams ~ Argus on BamPu Legacies’ Zamora Welcome Zebra!

I can always count on Shiran and Argus to start interacting with and wearing my new items!

Here is Argus posing at the Two Moon Paradise Circus Fair Event where you will

find ALL of my CIRCUS ITEMS set out to play with and view!

There is a full line-up of entertainer for everyone at Two Moon Paradise!

I also have a huge tent set up there with all the Vendors!

❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦


1.  Click here to TP to the BamPuLegacies Circus Tent at the Circus Fair:

The Circus Fair runs September 21 through October 6th!

2.  Click here to TP to Two Moon Paradise for the CIRCUS FAIR EVENT.

(Dates??? hmmm We are having so much fun there, it will be up for a week or so.)

Shiran has the floor teleporters set everywhere to click so you can

TP directly to the CIRCUS FAIR:

(Note: I will be adding all my CIRCUS sets to my BamPu Legacies Shop On The Wharf at

Two Moon Paradise after their Circus Fair Event comes closer to a close.

Shiran is working on setting me up a larger shop; so I’ll let everyone know when it’s ready!)

3.  Click here to TP to BamPu Legacies Shop at Shine Creations Mall:

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