Cirque Passe' "BonBon Candy" Mesh Circus Dress and Hold Me Prop!

Cirque Passe’ “BonBon Candy” Mesh Circus Dress and Hold Me Prop!

Here’s your chance to be a BonBon Girl!

I absolutely love gold tones and created these

detailed textures along with a BonBon Candy Box

you can “wear” and “pose” with!

The Circus Dress is Mesh and the Mesh Bolero can be worn

with or without the dress!

This dress style flows perfectly as you sway along at any Circus!

The set also includes the hose and coordinating polka dot panties!

❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦


1.  Click here to TP to the BamPu Legacies Circus Tent at the Circus Fair:

The Circus Fair runs September 21 through October 6th!

2.  Click here to TP to Two Moon Paradise for the CIRCUS FAIR EVENT.

(Dates??? hmmm ~ We are having so much fun there, it will be up for a week or so.)

Shiran has the floor teleporters set everywhere to click so you can

TP directly to the CIRCUS FAIR:

(Note: I will be adding all my CIRCUS sets to my BamPu Legacies Shop On The Wharf at

Two Moon Paradise after their Circus Fair Event comes closer to a close.

Shiran is working on setting me up a larger shop; so I’ll let everyone know when it’s ready!)

3.  Click here to TP to BamPu Legacies Shop at Shine Creations Mall:

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