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Jacqualicious Rococo

Jacqualicious Rococo

With the Christmas Holiday just around our pixel corner

and I see so many Snowmen, Christmas Trees & Wreaths being

wonderfully created and spread throughout our joyous inventories,

~( and yes, I so love each and every one )~

I once again decided to start my production for the season in something

a bit different and unique!

Introducing my “”Jacqualicious”” Series!


I'll Be Your Candy Cane

I’ll Be Your Candy Cane

For those of you who love to deck your bodies up;

especially matched with your friends and partners,

these two wardrobe ensembles will be perfect for you!

I have already been asked by 2 SL Miss Universe Model/Winners

if they could please  model these and especially add to their

flickr and blogs!

Why Yes, Of course!


As a child and spending all my summers at several family Ranches,

playing hide-and-seek in the corn and cotton fields, I remember my

claim that I saw JACKALOPES!  Well I suppose those huge

jackrabbits and bunnies were more fun to brag about than the

rattlesnakes that would hiss in my face causing such an alarm to

quickly become stunned and jump up in a gasp during the game…

hence…becoming “seeked” fast!



I have collected jackalope artwork for many years and with this in mind

I resolved to create an adorable JACQUALICIOUS as the

center attraction to these sets.

(I’ll post the first Jacqualicious Set I created for the Candy Cane 5 Hunt in a sec…)

…stop biting your  nails…it’s coming!




And now with the details:

The SPARKLY SPARKLY Mesh Gown comes in 5 standard sizes.

You have an option to wear the flowing SPARKLY SPARKLY

flexi skirt along with the SPARKLY SPARKLY Bow for the left side.

I loaded up the Headdress with ornaments from Nutcrackers to

Snowflakes to Jackalope Ornaments to Christmas Balls to

even snow covered fir tree limbs.

I have worn this out many many times to run to a sale or event

and have had AN OVERWHELMING APPLAUSE for the precious

Jackalope sweetly sitting upon the Antlers and hip Bow.

I created all the textures myself in photoshop taking special time

for precise resolution and detail.


Once you try this on yourself you will never wear anything other





My precious Blade is modeling my


along with the coordinating Leather Mesh Dress Shoes.

I added a special appropriate touch to the Formal Jacket by creating

a Chained-Buttoned Stop-Watch with the face of the same

Jackalope matching the Ladies Gown!

And yes…It’s upside down….I am sure you know why….


I had a nice long chat with my friend Aasimov while creating the

textures and asked what his thoughts were on making the Men’s Jackalope

Mask SPARKLY or not.  Deep within his eloquent reply and and response it

was never quite decided if it were proper to do this, so I opted not to do it.

His thoughts were “yes to do it”….but hmmmm.

Hope you guys don’t mind!

But, yes ☃ SPARKLY ☃ is definitely among the men’s set in the ornate

Brocade Vest for the Formal Jacket.

In fact I love this Brocade so much I plan

to use it for something else soon!

The color pallet for both sets consist of teals, hunter greens, mints, aquas and chartruse.


(That’s your subliminal message 🙂

…If you love SPARKLY, LADIES….Run..Fly..! Don’t Walk…

You will find these sets at two of my shops:

۩۩ BamPu Legacies at Shine Creations Mall:

۩۩ BamPu Legacies at Two Moon Paradise (TP to Wharf Shops):

I have also added these to my BamPu Legacies Markeplace Shop:

Jacqualicious Male Formal Coat Suit Set

with Mask & Leather Shoes


& Jackalope Mask Antlers Headdress

Logo Merry Christmas Bambi Jackalope PS



As soon as I am finished posting this I will be contacting

my friend Melonie of RAZMATAZ POSES to show her how

wonderfully these worked for my ads:

*Blade is posing with Razmataz “GONZA MALE POSE” in my picture


*He is also posing with her newly released JCNY GACHA Pose

for the picture of the  main ad (all above).

*I fell in love with the poses by Kaboom Karfield “Sexy Pose Set” and

couldn’t wait to pose with one especially for an ad (above).

*I am wearing a gorgeous necklace and earring set

by Finesmith that I ran to buy when I heard she had a special


hUgZzZzZzzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque







Blitzen MakeUp ~ Lights & Dark GACHA Festival 2013

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Lights & Dark GACHA Festival 2013

You have GOT to visit the

“Lights & Dark” GACHA Festival!

So many wonderful and inspiring designs focusing

on LIGHTS are found here in numerous GACHA’s!

I created beautiful and luscious MakeUp Tattoo’s

perfect for this Holiday Season!

They are quite dramatic and I decided –

“Why not go all the way!”

The color palette’s blend completely.

No need to search around in your inventory for lipstick to match;

or eyeshadow to match – It’s ALL IN ONE tattoo layer.

They are complete with eyeshadow, ornaments, eyeliner, lipstick and 

some with glittery bottom eyelashes!

(Note: The long prim eyelashes you see in the pix are not included.)

The GACHA sets are Transfer OK! 

Ligthts & Dark Gacha Festival

You can visit the Lights And Dark GACHA Festival here:

You will also find my BLITZEN MAKEUP GACHA’S

(in a sweeeeeeet Nutcracker Gacha Machine) at all my shops!

1 ~ BamPu Legacies at Isle of Dee (Roleplay Sim)

NEW SHOP (and under construction until Saturday):

2 ~ BamPu Legacies at Two Moon Paradise (TP to Wharf Shops)

3 ~ BamPu Legacies at Shine Creations Mall

Blitzen MakeUp Teal Snowflake

Blitzen MakeUp Teal Snowflake

I will be hopping in today to set these out for sale at all 3 of my

BamPu Legacies Shops where you can purchase them separately

to obtain a COPY version.

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Red Snowflake

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Red Snowflake

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Saphire Snowflake

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Saphire Snowflake

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Gold Lights Dramatic

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Gold Lights Dramatic

The Blitzen MakeUp “Gold Lights Dramatic” also comes

without the dramatic ornaments:

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Gold Lights

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Gold Lights

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Purple Snowflake

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Purple Snowflake

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Green Elf

Blitzen MakeUp ~ Green Elf

I hope to see you at the Festival!  I’m on my way there now…..

Happy Holidays Koala Bear. copy





????????????????????????????TUMBLEFLUMP ELF SHOES ~ Unisex with Resizer

Just on time for Christmas you will enjoy wearing these

charming Elf Shoes adorned with icicles, bells & snowflakes!

Join us at Shine Creations Mall for the

All That Glitters Is Snow Hunt

November 15 through December 15 2013

All the winter treats are set to $3Linden.

The items are created for male and female; some for petites!

Look for little Snow Flake hidden in shops which holds the amazing gifts

created by many well-known and high-quality designers .

All That Glitters Is Snow Hunt Poster

You can find the hunt list here:

My Tumbleflump Elf Unisex Shoes are at my BamPu Legacies Shop here:

Happy Holidays Koala Bear. copy


Turkey Dusk Headdress & Mask Tattoo ~Unisex

Turkey Dusk Headdress & Mask Tattoo ~Unisex

Ever wonder about the First  Thanksgiving?

I decided to create something for

“The Jerky Turkey Hunt 3” which runs November 15~30 2013

honoring the Wampanoag Native American Indians

by creating this magnificent turkey-feathered unisex headdress

along with a tattoo layer mask blending in the same colors.

The Thanksgiving Holiday stems from the glorious feast held in the

Fall of 1621 by the first Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indian Tribe

to celebrate the colony’s first successful harvest at Plymouth Plantation.

I am partial American Indian in real and have such an affinity for anything

native in home decor and wardrobe – I hope you enjoy this!

Yes…I will be  making some clothing for this ornate “Turkey Dusk Headdress”!

The tattoo layer mask comes in 2 styles:

1 with a hint of blended eyeliner (that also looks fab on the guys), the other has

no eyeliner so you can add your own.

The Turkey Dusk Headdress has a RESIZER so anyone can adjust.

Jerkey Turkey Hunt 3 AD

The Boo! Bunny has been spotted again!!

This morning at 12:01 ~ ummm just after midnight ~

The Boo! Bunny “JERKY TURKEY HUNT 3” started!

Once again I am honored to be a part of this special holiday hunt among

many fabulous and creative designers.

The hunt offers gifts for both male and female set to $0Linden.



There is also a note card at the hunt start to guide you through.

You can find the list here:

Start the hunt at Grumble:

You will find my “Turkey Dusk Headdress & Mask Unisex Set” at my

BamPu Legacies Shop at Shine Creations Mall here:

Happy Hunting ~ Happy Thanksgiving ~ Happy Holidays!

I wanted to add a link where my Turkey Dusk Headdress (for the hunt) was blogged!


Happy Holidays Koala Bear. copy

She Calls For You Tonight ~ by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

She Calls For You Tonight ~ by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Another shopping spree to HollyHood’s weekly


and I made out like a dove!

I was so thrilled when I put these

Fur Boots on by G Shoes, I had to

IM Goliath Andel and express my 

complete love for his new design!

(He sent me a black pair!! woohoo!)

I told him I’d be blogging these for him ASAP and

thought I needed some Llamas to pose with!

*hehe*  We both got a chuckle.

The fur is simply…no wait…breath taking amazing!

The flexi’s really catch shimmer and gleam as you fly along, too!

Well done, Goliath!

Here’s your ride to the event:

I adore Exposeur’s Poses!!  I selected

one especially for this shot as I wanted to set the mood

with the sounds of the waves and doves cooing above me.

“Playful Fairy” Pose Set has quite a unique selection!

I believe my favorite Skin Creator is Fallen Gods~

And I have a huge list of fav’s!

His FEATHERS skin is excellent in texture

and yet softly whispers.

I’ll definitely be adding this photo to  my gallery!

Hope you enjoy!

hUgZzZzzzz ~ Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Thought you might enjoy the song that inspired this pic:

Tazmania Surreal ~ by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Tazmania Surreal ~ by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Upon trying on Hollyhood’s new Mesh Teal Charleston Boots ~

a sudden impulse nipped at my craving to create a few new

photographs with a meticulous surreal appeal to them!

Although I am now the proud owner of her tan, black and teal

Charleston Boots ~ and you all know how I love TEAL ~

I selected an array of black civvies on purpose to show off the…

yes I’ll say it again…TEAL boots and make them POP!

With this thought in mind, Wolfgang decided to follow me to my

Tazmanian Zoo for a quick peak at my Gorilla and make sure he had

enough food to feast upon while we posed and posed together!

I selected the perfect skin for this shoot in looking for a young freckled pallet

to compliment my photography idea ~ so I went with “Greed”

by Seven Deadly Skins and matched up my Slink Hands with her Slink HUD.

My CG Facelight offered several colors of lights to play with as I

set my windlight and shot angles.

For this shot I wanted dramatic and color!

HollyHood's Charleston Teal Boots

HollyHood’s Charleston Teal Boots

Above is a close up of Hollyhood’s Mesh Charleston Boots.

The texture has a Damask flare chanting anywhere from


I can’t wait to wear the other colors!

*waves a special THANK YOU to Hollyhood!*

Make sure you visit Hollyhoods weekly sale at

her I LOVE SHOES 99L EVENT this week!

There is always a fresh new selection to choose from

and many wonderful shoe creators set up there.

Click here to shop the shoe sale:

Zoion Revoke by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Zoion Revoke by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

This is one of my favorite photoshop techniques I developed myself (above).

I love the softness of the painted look; yet without much crevice in detail.

So, I am sure you are wondering which items from my huge inventory

I selected to wear… is a list:

1st Pose:  “Despair” by Uncertain Smile

2nd Pose: “Purse Pose” by Razmataz

Cosmic Mask (Black) by Finesmith

Horns by ALB (Halloween Queen)

Corset and pants by Allure “Stinky Pretty Opium”

Elf Ears by CoCo Doll

Necklace by Chop Zuey “Something Wicked”

Hair by LeLutka “Rapunzel”

Wow ~ a list of some of my favorite Designers!

I’ll be adding these to my Flickr groups sometime today (I hope), to my Gallery

and photography websites!

OK – now back to designing for CHRISTMAS!!

Hugzz Bambi Chicque Logo. copy


Gothicus Fall ~ Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0 Female Item 2013

Gothicus Fall ~ Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0 Female Item 2013

I am honored to be a Sponsor for the


My female item “Gothicus Fall” is adorned with

a divine and unique Pumpkin Crown with a sweet

little Wasp and some fall veggies.

The mesh pants fit wonderfully and come in 5 standard sizes.

The hooded cape compliments the ornate Top and has

another darling Wasp at the neck/tie area.

With Fall and other seasonal colors in mind, I decided

to create something that can be worn other times

throughout the year, too.

I spent quite a bit of time in photoshop creating the

high resolution and detailed textures; including golden, bronzed

 & burnt orange fall leaves and yummy trimmings.

Gothicus Fall ~ Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0 Male Item 2013

Gothicus Fall ~ Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0 Male Item 2013

For the men, especially who love to dress in similar attire with

their sweeties ~ I created the mesh pants with suspenders to

coordinate perfectly in the same color pallet as the ladies wardrobe.

I love the low rise fit in the…..well I’ll just say it….the BUTT area!

What a cute butt? eh?

I included a nectarious Wasp as a Wear Me Pet Shoulder item!

(And guys…I have created a coordinating Gold Mesh Sweater for this…

but I have a couple of other items to work on and will set it out for

sale at my shops soon.)

Depraved Nation Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0 Flyer

The Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0

November 1 – 30, 2013

Depraved Nation brings you The Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0,

a kick ass GRID WIDE hunt that will send you trailing behind

that dirty turkey, hunting for gifts you will purchase for 0L$!

All stores in this hunt will be providing a new gift.

All gifts in this hunt will be FREE.

Make sure you join the Depraved Events Group to keep up to date

on who’s doing who or what, when and why…it’s useful for hunt questions as well. 

You can find the SLURL’s and HINTS here:


My Hunt Gifts will be found at my BamPu Legacies Shop

at Shine Creations Mall:

Happy Hunting Orange Flower logo 800x.

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