"Vivid Dream" by © Bambi Chicque

“Vivid Dream” by © Bambi Chicque

VIVID DREAM by Bambi Chicque

While dancing my way through my favorite FLICKR GROUPS

to add a couple of my recent photographs, I chanced upon a

CHALLENGE that snagged my inner attention.

My “Justice Wall” (real) photograph had been invited to join numerous

GROUPS. So, while admiring some of the most surreal photographs posted in one

group of particular interest, my mouse led me to a thread announcing a contest!

“The Dark Side Of The Light Group” CONTEST

– March 2014 – Theme “The Mask” 

I have a spectacular collection of masks decorating my home!

Their passage to my surroundings; via my usually over-stuffed suitcases,

spawn from various countries such as Africa, Venice, Greece, Mexico,

Venezuela, USA, The Carribean, Barbados, Alaska, etc…

So one can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this PHOTO MASK CONTEST!

Yes, I love collecting MASKS!

✵ ✵ ✵

Once a mermaid, Always a mermaid…

As I find myself taking brief halts to my never-ending designing in Second Life ~

I tend to find enthralling sims to snap my photographs; which 75% of the time

land in a folder awaiting my Photoshop stretches!  I had taken this photograph

last month while swimming around in one of my “hundreds of mermaid ensembles”

~ so I graciously apologize that I cannot recall which one I am wearing…

I’ll find it and post another shot here soon.

(I know I am wearing BOUDOIR HAIR.)


I am your Dream.

Your wishes and desires,

I quench your thirst for memories and magic,

I let you float and fly to an aurora depth;

You’ll shake,

You’ll grow and you’ll fall,

Spin and relax,

Yes even create and intercept.

Fearsome or heroic, I may appear;

Alas you know you love me

While I assure your dream is a fantasy premiere

To all that you know and all that you will.

I shall survive, with or without you;

And to find me just close your eyes;

Slip away to your Vivid Dream.

Poem by Bambi Chicque

You may view the CONTEST HERE:


*snickers*….And while there,

PLEASE DO VOTE & FAV any you love once the voting is open!

You may view the FLICKR GROUP HERE:


Banner Masks Enjoy...Bambi