"He Bows With Foot Fetishism" by Bambi Chicque

“He Bows With Foot Fetishism” by Bambi Chicque

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He Bows With Foot Fetishism

Happiness is appeasing a man who retains a foot fetish;

Prancing around with our modish pedicure

Flaunting and teasing

Til he kneels and fawns and crawls

Til he just flat falls over

Yes, and with a little snickerish chortle

He’ll do it again and again!

So ladies, if you have a special man in your life

and you are in that teasing mode,

these are the heels to add to your “must have” list!

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Torridx , of MeshedUp created these flaunty heels in 3 gorgeous

Color palletes:  Gold, Silver and Patterned !!

I received my blogger review photo from her “FIRST” and

even my heart went pitter-patter!

Torridx had just created these for the Tales Of Fantasy Event

and rushed them over to me so I could

bait and hook you……for your relationship’s sake,

Of course!

What man wouldn’t bow down to these beauties?

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

Queens Heels Mesh NEW! ~ MeshedUp ~ Tales Of Fantasy

TABOU Mirror 17 Again Pose ~ Aerial Poses and Props

SIM:  H220

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