"A Prison For Your Mind" by Bambi Chicque

“A Prison For Your Mind” by Bambi Chicque

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“But I was doomed to live

And in two months found myself

As awaking from a dream,

In a prison,

Stretched on a wretched bed,

Surrounded by Jailers, turnkeys, bolts,

And all the miserable apparatus of a dungeon.”

Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)

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Black Tulip created a couple of mesmerizing pose packages

for the upcoming A Tattered Page Event, presented by

Cursed Events,  which opens November 7th!

The theme for this round is one of my fav’s!

Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”!

The first pose set I am showing you is Black Tulip’s

“A Prison For Your Mind” mesh (2 LI) prop

which comes with 5 solitary-style poses (adjustable)

and the lonely chained bed.

I scattered a few items from my inventory around to

give the photo a hint of hope, heartache and mystery.

Auryn Beorn, Creator of Black Tulip Poses, created this scenery set

with the thought since what is constant in the book, once the monster

woke up for the first time, is the guilt and anxiety feelings that Victor

struggles with.  He ends up in jail, wrongly accused of the murder of his

best friend (but yet the monster committed instead).

Jail was no different than the prison of his own feelings,

and that’s what inspired Auryn to create this prop; blending the

physical dungeon and the mind’s torture when

one is not at peace with themselves.

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Come join Black Tulip and catch up on the details at

 A Tattered Page

where your mind can roam the pages of

Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”!

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STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

A Prison For Your Mind (Poses & Prop) ~ Black Tulip Poses ~ Tattered Page

A Tattered Page Event is an In-Store Event.

Visit Black Tulip and find her items at entry!