MWFW 2015 Teaser 1

MWFW 2015 Teaser 1

The Menswear Fashion Week 2015 is coming!

Get ready guys and gals!

Siren Productions & SCALA along with Cultured the Magazine, Designing SL, Dope Magazine,

ECLIPSE Magazine, iNOVARE Magazine, L’HOMME, ModeLS Magazine,

Seraphim, SL Live Radio welcome you to Menswear Fashion Week!

March 27th through April 4th, 2015!

This is the 6th year for this exciting event which will, again,

bring you cutting edge fashion, flamboyant shows, lots of fun parties and much more!

I am also on the Editor/Photographer/Interviewer Committee for this year’s SL Relay for Life;

working on a special RFL of Second Life Collector’s Edition Magazine

which will be available for purchase…more details coming soon…

But, in the meantime as far as the MWFW 2015,

this will be our 2nd year to participate in Relay for Life!!

How Exciting!!

Last year we raised 150K and hope to double that this year

….with YOUR help!

Stay tuned and I will be announcing much more information,

designer information, teasers, fashion reviews and calendar of events!

hugzzz! Bambi