Applications are now open until October 25, 2015!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Official Blogger for Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier (MFGC)!

We are currently seeking bloggers who are active and involved “weekly”; and especially focusing on fantasy themes.

You will need to keep up to date with our events, fairs, hunts, roleplay realms and entertainment as well as the Designer’s store specials and news.

MFGC is quite a large group with much going on!  Plan to receive a lot of review packs!


☆ Post reviews regularly with a “MINIMUM OF 4 PER MONTH” to include items from our MFGC Store List.

☆ WHEN WE HAVE SPECIAL EVENTS SUCH AS HUNTS AND FAIRS, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO BLOG 3 TIMES PER SUCH VENUE. This will also count toward your 4 reviews per month (but we do hope you will blog at least 6 that particular month!  This way we can have reviews still covering events and regular store deals.)

☆ We are looking for quality reviews of all items in blog content with enticing descriptions and details of any events along with dates, landmarks and store locations.

☆ We seek “quality photography” and proper avatar model appeal with the fantasy and roleplay themes. (no jagged edges in photos, too much blurring where textures do not stand out, no sex/porn, no unusually sized avatar shape) Nudity with taste is allowed.

☆ We do welcome and are seeking high quality fantasy style photos!!  It is with delight that Bloggers can be so creative in their works and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!  Texturing is ok, so long as it does not distort or cover up the main review items.

☆ Due to the large amount of Designers/Stores in our MFGC Group, we want to see the reviews spread out as evenly as possible and fairly for all venues and shops!

Please do not review the same Designer over and over, take the time to give all Creators a review!  This will be monitored.

> Please consider this before you apply.  Where is your loyalty?  If it is leaning towards “big events” only, then the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier may not your group to blog for.  But please do note, with this amount of high-profile stores in our group, many of these do participate in the “big events”.  We want our Blog Team to give all Creators in MFGC a fair chance for reviews, popularity and growth.  Therefore, we are looking for Bloggers who will “spread the love”!

☆ Please have our Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier Logo visible on your blog and linking back to our main website Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier and to BamPu Legacies Grid Crier Store List

(All information and logos will be provided once accepted.)

☆ Example of blog/review listing:

> ITEM NAME ~ STORE NAME (with store landmark hyperlink) ~ EVENT (with event landmark or blog hyperlink)-(if applicable) <<

☆ You will be required to “Report” each blog on a Google Doc that will also list the stores you are reviewing.

Reports should be completed within 24 hours of the post.  We will send you the REPORT LINK once you are accepted.

(This will be a google doc, so please be prepared by having a gmail account for the invite.)

Reason?  We want to link your blog review to our main website!

☆ You will be required to “Join” our Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier FLICKR GROUP; adding  your links. If Flickr is your blog then please tag it properly and credit the MFGC Designers/Shops.

(Note:  Our Flickr Group is primarily intended for fantasy, roleplay, medieval style Designers and Photos!)


☆ You will be required to “Join” our inworld group:


(Please contact myself or Runa asap so I can send you the request.)

☆ While reporting your review in our inworld group, please also include the links in CHAT. This is a very busy group with Designers sending out news and updates, so we would like to keep the notices spam down.

Please include the name of your blog review, the blog link and the flickr link!  Hope this will help to bring you more attention as well!

☆ We utilize a Blogger System for the Designers to send out their Review Packs. Please check your “object” file daily as these should be titled MFGC.

We encourage our Blog Team to review items within at least 7 days up to 14.  Take special note if these items are for a “dated event/hunt” so to review them in a timely manner!

☆ Your blog must be at least 12 months old with active reviews and posts without any lengthy time breaks.

☆ Your blog must be syndicated with at least 3 of the leading blogger syndications.

☆ We would like for you to shoot some reviews from ourDandelion Daydreams FactorySim; at least once every 2 months. This is a rez-friendly beautiful sim for any blogger wishing to photograph; Contact RUNA for special permissions.  We will send you more information about this sim in hopes you will help us promote it.  There are 3 popular shops here: Lilith’s DenOblivionThe Wishbringer.

☆☆☆☆☆☆ Contact BambiChicque via notecard should you need to take a break or drop out. We will monitor the reviews daily and if a Blogger is not active for 1 month or if they have not met the 4 reviews per month rule, they will be removed immediately without notice.


MFGC has been around for a long time (since 2009) and are hoping you will be a huge part of our growth!

If you feel that you can apply to the above rules and requirements please complete the below form and submit.


We are only looking for a set amount of Bloggers at this time.  If you are not contacted, please do not get discouraged as we will keep all your information on file for future openings.

Keep your eye out on our sites for news, updates and any other openings!

Dragon Scroll Applications


If you feel you are able to meet our needs and can follow the above set of rules, please complete the application.


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MFGC Looking for Bloggers