"I Shall Arrive Again In Rainbow Clouds" by Bambi Chicque

“I Shall Arrive Again In Rainbow Clouds” by Bambi Chicque

It’s whispered from our lips as we type on the computer;

clicking to visit the Fantasy Faire 2015 for the last time:

“It’s so sad it has to end”. 

Two weeks just does not seem long enough for this elaborate gala where the finest Designers

have spent hours on fantasy items to sell along with the donated

Relay For Life items they create with such cleverness.

And to see the sim designs disappear is just a shame.

Happily I have some of the items sent to me and some I purchased so to show off to you.

I am excited that many builds were available for sale and also a part

of the Auction which was held Saturday.

I hope to see more of this in the years to come!

I always seek out the flying dragon ship and this year he swooshed over Wildehaven Marsh.

The Sponsors and Creators for this cottage and forest style faireland did an excellent

work of art where I found hidden paths, majestic statues, ponds and more.

Bravo to Solarium, Rynn Verwood & Encaitaron Korobase!

Thank you for the beauty and delight you brought to us all this year!

Until we meet again next year,

I will cherish my memories and items from Fantasy Faire 2015!

But wait….!

I still have more to show you! Stay tuned in………….


L$ 7,752,956 ($ 31,012) by May 6th, 1AM SLT.
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