"Alien Trapper #3" by Bambi Chicque

“Alien Trapper #3” by Bambi Chicque

I admit completely that I am a big fan of all the Alien movies!

Guessing I like to sit at the edge of my seat while enjoying popcorn and Sprite,

I tend to excite at the searing surprises and shocks these movies send my way.

With the inspiration of the alien forms to the actor’s wardrobes,

the world’s retail establishments are full of memorabilia of these creative motion pictures.

I almost started a review of SWaGGa’s “Alien Hunter” Armor Set & Mask a few days ago,

but glad I waited since Blade and I spent some time at We Love Roleplay’s

newest round in which they are celebrating their 2nd Birthday and most

all the Designers have set out incredible worth-while gifts!!

Happy Birthday, We Love Roleplay!

So, as soon as I saw Poet’s Hearts’ gift with the “Attacker” Pose,

I knew this was the perfect pose for SWaGGa’s Alien Hunter photograph and review!

Not only am I honored to be an Official Blogger for SWaGGa,

but I have been a true aficionado of Bilbo Swaggins’s designs for a long time.

Bilbo is impeccable with his works in mesh, creative ideas in design and details

as well as the texturing that pulls all the entire sets together perfectly.

SWaGGa’s “Alien Mask” is a gift at We Love Roleplay

and is available with or without the clever hair!

You can grab his “Alien Hunter” Complete set at a discount during the event.

Bravo to Poet’s Heart and SWaGGa for these designs!

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

Attacker Pose ~ Poet’s Heart ~ GIFT We Love Roleplay

Alien Hunter Armor Set ~ SWaGGaWe Love Roleplay

Alien Hunter Mask with Hair ~ SWaGGa ~ GIFT We Love Roleplay

Keyblade 2.0 Sheathed ~ SWaGGa

Neo Skin ~ AKERUKA