"Love Journal & Thoughts" by Bambi Chicque

“Love Journal & Thoughts” by Bambi Chicque

As I was working my fingers to death in photoshop with 3 on-going projects,

I decided to keep this effect to add to my BamPu Legacies Flickr!

“Love Journal Fantasy Hat” is available for only $99Linden during the month

of February that coordinates with my New Relase

Love Journal Gown & Clutch” GROUP GIFT!

The hat is adorned with sweetness splashing a victorian brocade chocolate heart

box, floating journal pages, the glass ink & quill that writes sweet sirens, more quills,

roses &  more!

See FULL COLOR photo here!

Please do click this so you can see the gorgeous and stunning

“Catalina” Skin and “Oculos Berries” Eyes from .:SOUL:. !!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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