Love Journal Fantasy Hat AD

Love Journal Fantasy Hat AD

Presenting the close-up color shot of my newly created

“Love Journal Fantasy Hat” which is available now

for a mere $99Linden at my New Release Shop!

And….as promised…you can now see how absolutely

stunning and gorgeous .:SOUL’s:. “Catalina” Skin is

along with her new “Oculos Berries Eyes”!

I did not change my pose for this shot

(of “Love Journal Gown & Clutch” Group Gift)

with Black Tulip’s new “The Lady” Pose Series!

The pose is elegant standing and for up closeness!

Bravo to all Designers in this photo- well done all around!



☆═━┈┈━═☆.♡.☆═ STYLE CARD ═☆.♡.☆═━┈┈━═☆

Love Journal Gown & Clutch New Group Gift ~ BamPu Legacies MAIN SHOP ! ~ MFGC! ~ WLTB ❣

Love Journal Fantasy Hat NEW ~BamPu Legacies MAIN SHOP ! ~ MFGC! ~ WLTB ❣

No Fear Hair ~ no.match Hair

Dolled Up Marzlplan Eyeshadow, Prarie Fire Glossed Lips (Group Gift) ~ Dulce Secrets ~ WLTB ❣

Catalina (H5) Tea Nude Skin ~ .:SOUL:. ~ MFGC!

Oculos Berries Eyes ~ .:SOUL:. ~ Enchantment ~ MFGC!

The Lady #4Mirror Pose ~ Black Tulip Poses ~ Enchantment