"Dazzle Zap Sequin Monkey Hat" by Bambi Chicque

“Dazzle Zap Sequin Monkey Hat” by Bambi Chicque

I finally have some time to add this precious

“Dazzle Zap Sequin Monkey Hat” to my design page!

I created this recently to add to my shop at the

Jewelry & Accessory 2016 Expo, produced by

Siren Productions!

The sales have been soaring and I am much pleased!

I have 2 hats included in the vendor, one with a resizer.

Stop monkeying around and fly on over to grab this

at the J&A Expo!

The event ends March 5, 2016.

After the event, I will have it for sale at my

BamPu Legacies MAIN SHOP !

xoxo Bambi