Dragoun Pearls Crown

Dragoun Pearls Crown

Dragoun Pearls Crown is my Fair Play GACHA this March Event!

I spent hours perfecting the pearly textures for the

details in the crown.

Come play Team Gacha for your chance to win this precious crown!

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Emerald City is the new game design by Fair Play and was inspired by

a game called “Jewel Quest”.

A new era is born:

This is really something new and was never seen on all the grid before:

“The Jewel Gacha Hunt”!

28 Creators of fantasy and gothic joined, to make these vision come true.

Play for a price without knowing which merchant release will drop.

The first “Team Gacha” in Second Life!!

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I created 2 more luxurious dragon crowns to coordinate with my gowns

as this round’s Fair Play Exclusive.

Dragoun Mists Ruby Gown 

Dragoun Mists Ruby Crown

Dragoun Mists Teal Gown

Dragoun Mists Teal Crown

See closeup of CROWNS

See closeup of GOWNS

I have them set at a special price of $300Linden and they will be

available for sale at regular price at my BamPu Legacies MAIN SHOP !


Visit BamPu Legacies at Fair Play!

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