Dragoun Mists

Dragoun Mists

Dragons in the mist come alive for this new round of

“Fair Play – Second Life Is A Game ~ Jewel Quest GACHA”

Dragoun Mists Gowns are my Exclusive for March 2016!

Dragoun Mists Ruby Gown with Collar

Dragoun Mists Teal Gown with Collar

(Along with 2 coordinating Crowns sold separately that can be viewed HERE!)

Ruby & Teals are rich in textures, pearly collar and lacy lower skirt!

Wearing this out just the past couple of days I have heard more

“OMG!  Where did you get that gorgeous gown?”


I know you will love them too!

I have them set at a special price of $300Linden and they will be

available for sale at regular price at my BamPu Legacies MAIN SHOP !


Visit BamPu Legacies at Fair Play!

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Kaleidos designed one of the most amazing venues for her new Fair Play theme!

Emerald City is the new game design by Fair Play and was inspired by

a game called “Jewel Quest”.

A new era is born:

This is really something new and was never seen on all the grid before:

“The Jewel Gacha Hunt”!

28 Creators of fantasy and gothic joined, to make these vision come true.

Play for a price without knowing which merchant release will drop.

The first “Team Gacha” in Second Life!!

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Not only did I create jeweled dragon crowns to match the gowns,

but I also made a special Dragoun Pearls Crown

for the GACHA!

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Take a peak at Fair Play Emerald City  here!

Whether you are a shopper, a gachaholic or a photographer

you won’t want to miss out on this event!

You can also check out all the amazing reviews and ads for this round

on the Fair Play Flickr Group!

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