Laundry Days This Morning by Bambi Chicque

Laundry Days This Morning

My pink lace nighties littered the bedroom floors,

Recalling how hands touched all of my treasures

The night before

I gathered each trim and netting

Tossed perfumed jeans into the laundry basket

They had all been explored

The night before

I pulled the lint out of the dryer trap

Dusted bubblies and softners atop the swirling waters

Wondered who else’s lint I just touched

Maybe it was his

From the night before

I felt like crying and unplugging it all

With much else to do like painting my walls

While arranging more piles of bras

But giggling with the thought of now

Maybe just to sit

And remember all of the night before

But today is my laundry day

A chore hard to ignore!

Poem by Bambi Chicque (Tanya Elise’ Howard)

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I took a break from Second Life for a bit to have some (successful) medical treatments, to vamp up my real photography & websites and to take some needed travel time!

I’m back!

But wait!  Upon returning to Second Life I had a lot of dirty laundry to clean up!  Inventory mess, stacked messages, ironing out the groups, folding folders and presoaking new mesh for new mesh bodies!  Whew….

I scribbled a list of things to do, which included setting up my BamPu Legacies Main Shop once again, then I was off and running to explore current events and made myself ready to blog once more!

(I have inserted a photo of CEBO’s “Laundry Days” Prop Scene to show you what it incudes. And yes, the pose comes with it too!)

Laundry Days

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CEBO Photography Backdrops ~ LOST LAUNDRY Full Posing Set & Prop Scene (Includes Pose, Washer, Dryer, Laundry Basket, Iron & Board, Folded Clothes, Stool, Rug, Ajax Cleaner & White Tile Walls)

Spyralle ~ ‘Inspiration’ Art Deco Wall Sconce V2 @ Vintage Fair 2019 by Pale Girl Productions

floorplan.&Con. ~ Neon Elvis / Retro

Kalopsia ~ Laundry Basket

Kaerri ~ Cocktail Tray, Kazimir Daisy Vase

BamPu Legacies ~ Wooden Laundry Flower Frame, Clothes on Hangers, Tabby Cat, BamPu Sounds Vintage Radio Retro Lace

EtCetera Furniture ~ ETC. Penthouse Retro Chic Lavender Purple Leopard Glass Lamp (CLOSED STORE)

Chanimations ~ LavaLamp BLUE/YELLOW


Exile HAIR ~ Annabelle Naturals @ Vintage Fair 2019 by Pale Girl Productions

CAROL G TATTOO ~ Greta Black TaTToo @ Vintage Fair 2019 by Pale Girl Productions

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Graffitiwear – Light Leafy Lace SKIRT

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Happy Shopping! Lots more reviews coming!