Tangier Memoirs by Bambi Chicque / Tanya Elise’ Howard


Every time I visit Tangier

My suitcase gets too full.

I couldn’t resist before I left

And bought some accoutrements,

Much more than a bagful.

The carrier delivered this morning.

Been busy jazzing up my new place.

My babies have been crazy and playful,

I think they think they’re helping.

Yet this has turned out to be a handful.

I finally finished decorating,

Taking a breather to amuse myself.

The cake is was gift from Samuel.

He’s in the shower and grooming up

For tonight’s delight…

On this delicious new virgin wool!

Poem by Bambi Chicque / Tanya Elise’ Howard

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REDEUX is one hell of an event if you want more bang for your buck! The prices will floor you; a must!  Artison Fantasy was first on my list and I bought the full Asilah II Collection.  This gorgeous Morrocan set will work perfectly in our private home! 

There’s a splish and a splash of tidbits and splendid décor I used for this photo!  I added a few items from my quick early trip to SL16B; these are a few of the free items offered!

Happy 16th Birthday Second Life!

And what about this mouthwatering eyecandy of a cake? Apple Fall creates some of the most dreamiest décor and yummy foods in SL! You have gotta visit his shop; if not for anything just the music! But seriously? What a shop!

ALSO – Apple Fall has set out items for $50Linden at SL16B! I grabbed up some goodies from his Anashara Dining Set and plan to display them soon for a photo!

Check below for the details and Style Card!

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Artisan Fantasy ~ Asilah II Collection (Furniture & Décor) @ REDEUX

(Full Set: Bench, Decorative Symbol, Goblet Tray, Lamps, Lounger, Wall Plates, Side Table, Tagines, Tea Service, Rub.  Individual Set: Lamb Lamp & Wall Décor)

Inner Demons ~ Palm Tree Light Gold @ REDEUX

Peaches ~ The Queen’s Peace  Incense Tray with Frog GIFT @ SL16B

Apple Fall ~ SL15B Cake GIFT @ SL16B

JIAN ~ Pug & Corgi Sleepy Boi

Hangry ~ Birthday Strawberry Waffle with Pose @ SL16B

Ariskea ~ Owl Planter GIFT ~ SL16B


Fashiowl Poses ~ Melodia with Cats @ REDEUX

Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head & Face Animation HUD

7 Deadly s[K]ins ~ Missplaced

NAMINOKE ~ Hypericum Androsa Mum Choker & Head Piece @ REDEUX

KiB Designs ~ Sissy Retro MINI DRESS & HUD @ Vintage Fair 2019

Exile HAIR ~ Annabelle Naturals @ Vintage Fair 2019

Pure Poison – Sunflower Platforms

Happy 16th Birthday Second Life!

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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