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Barachiel Warrior Angel by BamPu Legacies / Bambi Chicque

Barachiel Warrior Angel

O powerful Archangel Barachiel,

Filled with Heaven’s glory and splendor.

You sustain me and protect me,

Preparing me for Heaven’s Gate.

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I had a reason why I needed this gorgeous statue; so I have it available now for sale at my BamPu Legacies Shop!

She is designed atop the rocks where she is stepping out to the clouds!  I also added the shield for your pleasure!

You can find it in my “NEW” Section.

Hope you enjoy!

Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& Blogger

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Realms Of The Rising Sun by Bambi Chicque

I created this darling Rising Sun Elephant Arch for the upcoming Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIX!

The dates of the exciting hunt will be 7-20-19 to 8-18-19.

This is a COPY version all attached; with 2 of the separate Pink Hosta Flowers!

Follow the HUNT LIST and HINT LIST here!

Check out all the other items created for this hunt -and- you can post your photos in the Creators Of Fantasy – Medieval Fantasy Flickr Group here!

And I would love to see what you do with my Rising Sun Elephant Arch!  Feel free to post your photos on my BamPu Legacies Flickr Group here!

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Here’s your flying ticket to my main BamPu Legacies Shop!

Happy Hunting! I’ll probably see you around!

Bambi Chicque

BamPu Legacies Designer


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Levania Glass Isle by Bambi Chicque

To embark from a ship

And go ashore to The Isle of Levania,

Your kindred spirits engage

That of a solar eclipse.

The moon is your ladder

Taking you into dark places,

Where the caves are abundant

With ornate treasures and glass.

You escape from the sun

Where fissures and valleys

Are deeper than terrestrial canyons

To claim your new wealth.

by Bambi Chicque

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I simply adore this Octopus Necklace by BEO! It was perfect to wear with my new mermaid treasures from the Mermaid Cove 2 Event! She added a color HUD and the pearls swirl in exquisite delight perfectly!

The “Melody Bikini”, by Vanilla Bae, is screaming with delight where the nets, pearls and seashells adorn it entirely! There is also a color HUD with so many options you can surely coordinate your accessories along with it quite well!

I cherish anything AIR creates; everything is so intricate and perfect in every way! The magnolia trees and his spheres were a delight to spread about for my photo; creating a mystic pleasure to last forever!

If you look close at the dogwood florals; you will find the sweet little pixy dolls floating along by my side! NAMINOKE is well known for florals arrangements to adorn your head, face, body and your garden as well!

Make sure you hurry off to the Mermaid Cove 2 Event! The Sponsors are circled before you at the entrance, but take the stone paths and dive into the depths of the sea where you will find the many other treasures available for you! The ambience is spectacular with magic all around! (Check out the Seraphim list of Designers and their mer-goodies here!)

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻



BEO ~ Octopus Necklace & Color HUD

Vanilla Bae ~ Melody BIKINI & 12 Colors  @ Mermaid Cove 2

1313 Mockingbird Lane ~ Ariel Pumps – Under The Sea Blue @Mermaid Cove 2

BLAXIUM ~ Sea Ghoul Eyes + Shadow @ Mermaid Cove 2

Air ~ Kazura Hair A01 Platinum Blonde +Windy

NOIR ~ Kisha Tiara STARFISH + HUD @ Mermaid Cove 2

Spyralle ~ Waverider I Headpiece Shell

ADORED ~ Fiona Shadows Borealis Edition for CATWA

Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head

Amara Beauty ~ Cora Fair Skin for Catwa

CAZIMI ~ Photonic Nail Appliers Gift

ADORED ~ Jucci Gloss Lips -Candy Princess Edition for CATWA

MoonPhase ~ Mermaid Gills @ Mermaid Cove 2


Half-Deer ~ Jewel Jellybell (Aqua & Rainbow)

Air ~ Magnolia Tree + Flowers Mauve


NAMINOKE ~ Dogtooth Flower & Pixy Doll Violet


The Outer Garden ~ Pose #1 Gift

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Humble Days by Bambi Chicque ~ BamPu Legacies

Humble Days

If you set before me a vintage bike

I’d floral it up and give it a start;

Busy as a bee I’ll clean off that rust

And add a few little spare parts.

I’ll take it down to the beach at night

And ride along the boardwalk

Where everyone will awe

At my garden art!

by Bambi Chicque

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻

Keep Calm! It’s summer time!

You wake up thinking…

The beach…the pool…floral dresses…sprucing up your hair!

Sleeping in…getting up early…licking popsicles…picking up shells!

Road trips…barbeques…running barefoot…and watermelon!

Riding your bike? Of course!

Humble Days Too (Close Up)

The floral gown, by Belle Epoque, is a summer time refreshment for any engagement you’ll want to attend.  She added a color HUD with sleek coordinating florals which will make adding your favorite jewelry quite easy to match!

I fell in love with Analog Dog’s “Keli” Hair; where the curls can be tinted to match your wardrobe and makeup  perfectly!  This curly wavy hair is so much fun!

Rise Design created a precious dainty necklace and earring set with florals and a tiny birdhouse.  I saw her AD and had to have it!  It also comes with a color HUD!

I have so many favorite skin Designers, but after trying several DEMO’s from Amara Beauty, she has become at the top of my list.  I am wearing “Udelle Fair Skin” along with the help of Strawberry Singh’s Eva Shape for Catwa.  I don’t usually buy shapes because I prefer working out my very own, but who can’t resist this combination?

I created the “Humble Days” Vintage Bike & Fence Set Décor you see here.  The FAT PACK is on sale until Friday, July 12th.  So hurry to my BamPu Legacies Shop and grab it for your own beach, garden or set up to pose with for your own photos!


Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& Blogger

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻



Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head

Strawberry Singh ~ Catwa Eva Shape

Amara Beauty ~ UDELLE Fair Skin (Catwa Applier)

ADORED ~ Cloud 9 Shadow #3 Nude for Catwa

ADORED ~ Jucci Gloss Lips -Candy Princess

Rise Design – Cercis Set Necklace & Earring

Belle Epoque ~ Agnes Lavender Floral Gown @ REDEUX

Apple May Designs – Blossom Heels – Nude @ SL16B

Zuri’s ~ Brilliant Diamond Bracelet – Champagne

ANALOG DOG HAIR – Keli – Dark Blondes @ Curves


BamPu Legacies ~ Humble Days Vintage Bike, Fence & Décor Fat Pack

anc ltd. ~ Garden Curly Forest Grass

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻

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