Realms Of The Rising Sun by Bambi Chicque

I created this darling Rising Sun Elephant Arch for the upcoming Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIX!

The dates of the exciting hunt will be 7-20-19 to 8-18-19.

This is a COPY version all attached; with 2 of the separate Pink Hosta Flowers!

Follow the HUNT LIST and HINT LIST here!

Check out all the other items created for this hunt -and- you can post your photos in the Creators Of Fantasy – Medieval Fantasy Flickr Group here!

And I would love to see what you do with my Rising Sun Elephant Arch!  Feel free to post your photos on my BamPu Legacies Flickr Group here!

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Here’s your flying ticket to my main BamPu Legacies Shop!

Happy Hunting! I’ll probably see you around!

Bambi Chicque

BamPu Legacies Designer


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