Who Hears The Hoot

Waking up early morns

We hear the Whoo’s & Hoots!

Some owls howl,

Some owls hoot,

Some owls screech,

Some owls toot!

All owls blink

With big round eyes.

People say

That owls are wise!

But I don’t think

That is so true.

For all they say


∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻

You know when you set out scenery and décor for a blog, you start in one direction and at times end up in another!

I had already picked out a cute, cute Bento Pose by Serendipity (Ulyssa) where I could show off this eclectic halter top by Paper Moon (Aegean Halter) along with this long hippy style hair by Exile; daunting the flowers it took my breath away!

So I started with the MINIMAL Mykonos Backdrop Home and spread out Paper Moon’s Market Fences & Stall around the back porch!  I sprinkled my own BamPu Legacies Mosaic Iron Table & Stool Set to complete a more Moroccan motif and ended up with patchworks of a motley mix!  How Fun!

Then amid my raggle-taggle daze of posing and setting the windlight I hear my favorite “Whooo, Whooo!” out my window (in real)!  And so the story goes into a magpie alteration where I set out my adorable Hibou Owl and the theme came together while I pointed in wonder to Mr. Dane “Who Hears The Hoot!”?

See Style Card below!

Happy Shopping….

Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻


Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~  Eva Mesh Head

7 Deadly s[K]ins – SUNRAY (Cashew)

Paper Moon ~ Aegean Halter (Collector with Color HUD) @ We ❤ RP

…….(25% off while at the event!) Yeah!

CAZIMI: – Overline Lagoon Nails

[MANDALA] ~ POLLY Bracelet set/MINK

= MB = Marilyn Breen ~ Gypsy Embroidery Bracelet

SEVEN ~ Gina Navy Baggy Pants

MICHAN – Liz Belly Piercing *GROUP GIFT*

Exile Hair ~ Flowers in the Sun ~ Blondes & Hair Change/Flower HUD


Paper Moon ~ Fabric Fence & Market Stall

MINIMAL – Mykonos Backdrop

Mesh India ~ 05 MI Jaipur Floral Décor GACHA

Simply Shelby ~ Mosaic Dragonflies

BamPu Legacies ~ Myconos Moroccan Table, Stool, Frog, Rug, Plants, Wine Set

KAERRI ~ Moroccan Hanging Lantern Blue

Fashiowl – Gran Danes (I did not use her pose “yet” because I had one picked out already….sooo…Yes I am going to blog it next!! Great Poses with the Great Dane!)


Serendipity ~ Ulyssa Pose Set

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻