Feel The Sunshine!

A day in sunshine,

A stroll on the beach,

A glitter under the rainbow,

Drinks with a lemon & peach.

Won’t you come join me;

We’ll sip on some wine.

Let’s play on the beach

And Feel The Sunshine!

by Bambi Chicque

I can’t get enough of the beach during summertime.  I grew up swimming, camping, fishing and beachcombing along the shores of America; especially Alaska, Galveston and Corpus Christie. Every trip to a waterfront brought curiosity, memories and souvenirs!

Here in Second Life, what I prized about Paper Moon’s “Nantucket” Gacha Items is not only the elements themselves, but the detailed history she studied and captured for us.  There are notecards that come with the artifacts which gave me pleasured knowledge as I set them out to decorate my beach scene! There’s a story behind each piece and I know you will want to earn your share of Nantucket history when you play her GACHA at Paper Moon’s Main Shop! (And…get your camera ready – her emporium style decorated shop; along with the windlight is begging for photographing!)

On a recent dash to REIGN’s 50% OFF SALE, I did some window shopping! When you get there you’ll know what I mean! One of her front windows has captured an array of beach nik-naks, accessories and swimwear all themed for a perfect splash!  I picked out items with her lemon motif!

A blog or two ago, I promised to show off Granola’s “Sea Salt & Sunshine Surf Shop”; so here is the other side with all the needed surfing pleasures and design for your waterfront!  I have it situated next to KraftWork’s “Beach Burger Shack” which comes with a Color HUD and poses!  You can cook up lots of burgers for your friends while they play in the sand or relax on the beach chairs!

About my hair! LOVE this style by NYNE!  Huge, big curls! Quite different! I love the HUD full of colors and allows you to add the bains!  The Trunk Show is a bi-monthly event and the June 2019 show is still up and running!  So, go grab yours now!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~  Eva Mesh Head

7 Deadly s[K]ins – SUNRAY (Cashew)

NYNE ~ Cassabella Hair UNICORN TONE Pack @ The Trunk Show June 2019 (yes it’s still running!)


REIGN ~ Lemon’y Nicole Bikini, Hipster Glasses v2 Sunset Lense +HUD, Lemon’y Tote

CAZIMI ~ Pearlized Nail Appliers Group Gift


Paper Moon  ~ Nantucket GACHA Items: Hallowell’s Wheel: Brass RARE, Wall Sails RARE, Ship’s Flag Sign Degussing, The “Essex” Plaque, Oar 5, Blue Whale, Young America by Antonio Jacobsen Framed Art, Harpoons SoI, Lobsters Sign, Seafood Sign, Shipwreck off Nantucket by William Bradford Framed Art, Harbour Bell

Paper Moon  ~ Deco Planks (Coastal Mix)

Ohmai ~ Flamingos (Inworld store closed) ~ Ohmai Flickr

KraftWork ~ Beach Burger Shack with Poses!

Granola ~ Sea Salt & Sunshine Surf Shop (Blue)

REIGN ~ Rainbow Floaty, Beach Chair with Umbrella, Fluff Ya Slipper Slides

BamPu Legacies ~ French Bull Dog Puppy & Parrots


FoxCity ~ Horizon Pose

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