Don’t Spill The Margarita!

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Don’t Spill The Margarita!

I paid a lot for this Patron!

And I’m not a Billionaire, you know.

Sitting on a floaty throne!

I know it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Cuz Mr. Tiki Jowls nips and nudges me

About this time of day

Then I’ll change my attitude

When he changes his latitude!

Just don’t spill my Margarita

No one wants it to go to waste

I paid a lot for this Patron

And I wanna savor the taste!

by Bambi Chicque

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻

HaHa! Had to make it rhyme somehow!  I thought of JIAN’s ‘dorable RARE Danes when I rezzed these thirst quenching Margaritas and Margarita Pitcher on a fancy tray with limes…thinking I have to make a splash with these!

And what about that UBER 5th Birthday Event? It’s a hell of a deal! All their talented Designers are celebrating and offering not only incredible new items, but have spent time creating a special and remarkable free gift for everyone!  It’s so worth your time to fly on over and check everything out!

UBER runs until August 22, 2019!   (See their Gallery here!) 

Everyone loves to buy plants, trees and fields of foilage of some sort, but these days “cactus” seems to be the thing here in Second Life!  Granola composed a gorgeous collection of Mojave décor which includes a perfect tall cactus (which I will use often)!

When will COCO ever end with her captivating fashion styles? Never? Good! I flipped over her Backless Crop Top Halter with the wide, wide pants all set at a 20% Discount during the Uber Event!  Lots of color selections along with the fabulous Straw Hat! And Yamaimo Allen created the Summer Tote Bags to match!  Goodness I look good!

I could go on and on about everything I collected there…but to spruce up my finale I just wanted to bring attention to another super gift.  Foxwood must have known how much I love parrots and the color purple because their Uber Birthday Gift is a splendid Boho Lounge Love Bird and Bird Cage!  You have to check out their Boho Lounge Décor Set which includes the Snake Plant in a basket I am showing here; along with more colorful Love Birds and furnishings!

Oh wait! You wanna know about the scattered hearts, right? Yep, this is another great gift prepared for you by Runic.  “Crystal Hearts” in Aqua were perfect for setting the mood for my late night Margarita Party on my MINIMAL Mykonos Home!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~  Eva Mesh Head

!IT! ~ Sugar & Spice Lipstick 11

Vagrant ~ Allison Music Player @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

Dahlia ~ Malarkey Margarita @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

Vanilla Bae ~ Babe Belly Chain @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

*COCO* ~ Straw Hat With Beige Scarf (Includes special hair), Backless Crop Top Halter, Extreme Wide Leg Trousers @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

L&B Swear ~ Boho Necklace & Earring (Gift) @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

CAZIMI ~ Pearlized Nail Appliers


MINIMAL ~ Mykonos Backdrop Home

JIAN ~ ‘dorable Danes 1 Breez-e Jowls RARE (Gacha)

Granola ~ Mojave Tall Cactus @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

*COCO* [YA] ~ Summer Tote Bag @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

TARTESSOS ARTS ~ Delish Guacamole Set @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

Foxwood ~ Boho Lounge Snake Plant and Love Bird & Cage (Gift) @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

Dahlia ~ Malarkey Margarita Pitcher & Margarita @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

[Fetch] ~ Special Day Set Blue Party Hat (Gift) @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

Runic ~ Crystal Hearts Aqua (scattered in my sky!) GIFT @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

Milk Motion ~ Blue Disco ball (Gift) @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

KraftWork ~ Zooby Animesh Birthday Cake & Bonjour Kids PopUp Book (Gifts) @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

Violetility ~ Sorbet Seat with Umbrella [Sea] @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

Kalopsia ~ Tropic Touch Pineapple, Tropic Touch Woven Pouf, Alize’s Entry Console, Boho Tapestry, Gypsy Galaxy Rug, Gypsy Cushion Pile, Hanging Flower Lamp

Kalopsia ~ Maeva’s Seashell Chimes with Sound @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

BAZAR ~ Cancun Centerpiece & Lantern @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

Ariskea ~ Hanging Macrame (Gift) @ Uber Happy Birthday 2019

Apple Fall ~ Macarons on Sketchbook

DRD ~ Boho Baskets


FOXCITY ~ Dance 3m Pose

Wheeew! That’s a long list! I think I’ll go have a Margarita now!

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻