Boco Lobo Arabian Chairs, Backdrop & Decor

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I am honored to be a Sponsor at the “Spoonful Of Sugar Festival”!

September 14th through 29th, 2019

The festival is the sweetest fundraiser benefiting “Doctors Across Borders”!  I was in the first 2 events and so happy to be back! 

I have 2 Exclusive’s for this Festival:

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(Photo above)

Boco Lobo Arabian Chairs, Backdrop & Décor

I took time creating the tiles and details for these items.  I love blue and white together, so this living room set can be perfect for year round!

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(Click here for photo)

Meknes Patio Deck (#1) with Pool, Wall Decor; Lit Palm Tree; Ladder with Blanket

The set includes the lit Palm Tree, ladder, string lights and Wall Décor along with the 2-story deck!

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Take this sugar of a deal and ride to my huge shop at the event! I have lots more there!

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I’d like to also take the time to bring your attention to:

Ever Courtois – SOS Founder and Coordinator (& Owner of Tone), who works so hard to put this on.  Her detailing, talent, personality and knowledge is a tremendous plus for something this huge in SL!

And the other SOS Hero’s are:

Emirsyn Resident – Administration

ESSY Luv  – Fashion & Entertainment Coordinator

Kasslina Resident – H&G & Breedables

Nashtin Resident – Merchant Coordinator

Xyza Armistice – PR Coordinator

Sinful Rhapsody – Blogger Manager

Krystali Rabeni – SOS Artist

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After the event, the item will be available at my BamPu Legacies Main Shop!

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