Seven In The Morning!

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It’s seven in the morning

First things first

Gotta go tinkle

Get that coffee brewing

And take Tango out!

Everyone else is sleeping

A new day is breaking

It’s a bit rainy out today

But the air is fresh

And Tango found a new friend!

No stillness for me here

This habit is so unpredictable

With his eyes so expectant

A walk, some food and finally love

It’s seven in the morning

And I already need a hug!

by Bambi Chicque

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻

There is a delightful array of offerings at The Spoonful Of Sugar Festival; Designers created exclusives and have good deals on other items from their shops.  Remember, when you purchase from the Donation Vendors you are contributing to a worthy cause and support for Doctor’s Without Borders.

Next? Gotta talk about three sims!

1 ~ THE ARK! Wow…

That’s exactly what I said as soon as I landed, panned round and found myself standing at the entrance of Noah’s Ark; next to animals of all sorts! It sits on top of a big mountain, then you walk down….wait…I better not go any further…you have to go see this for yourself!  (And, of course, shop!)

Visit The Ark ~ Presented by Pale Girl Productions

2 ~ Sommergewitter! (Where I took this photo!)

It’s in the Destination Guide!  The sim is designed with a rainy day vintage feel equipped with a glass piano, several secluded beach spots adorning an abandoned feel with décor fitting for a solitude hour for yourself and mind!  And, of course again, there are a few surprises! 

3 ~ Spoonful Of Sugar Festival!

In my previous blog I mentioned how it demands your attention for an Arabian Desert scene or a passage through the stucco buildings where you can shop, find interesting things…like an airplane stuck up in a tree…and much more!  It’s a 6-sim wide festival!

I needed to walk Tango and didn’t want to let him do his business in front of all my customers, so Sommergewitter was a perfect location for him to romp around!  And for myself to enjoy this absolutely fun, fun, fun pose by Image Essentials!  (Walk The Dog v1)  Just look at his sweet face and expression!

Did you see my Unicorn Slippers? I threw these on because…well they are my favorite house shoes and matched my leisure outfit by in.SANITY!

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Enjoy your shopping adventure!

Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~  Eva Mesh Head

Glam Affair ~ Lea Skin {CATWA} Basic Line (FLF SKIN) 12 Tones (Skin is Maitreya Applier)

*in.SANITY* ~ Pumped Up (LEISURE OUTFIT) MegaPack @ Spoonful Of Sugar Festival

REIGN  ~ Unicorn Slippers

Fetch ~ Angular Glasses v2 @ 9-21-19 Saturday Sale

LUNA Body Art ~ Silk Glam Nails @ Spoonful Of Sugar Festival

A&A ~ Narja Hair Autumn Colors (6 Styles) Exclusive @ Spoonful Of Sugar Festival




Image Essentials ~ Walk The Dog v1 @ The Ark

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