Ben Better!
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My tomb do view,

Remember well,

There’s room

For you!

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How spooked can you get during Halloween? 

This all-in-one “Halloween Cemetary” by CEBO Backdrops is perfect for anyone needing an eerie afterlife scene for posing, decorating your own landscape or for photographing! 

It includes so much!

The fog. 

The trees, full moon, tombstones, fencing & gate, a fantasy crow, skeleton and more!

I am entering this photo in CEBO’s October Photo Contest.  All who enter can add their photos to their photo room here and guests can vote!

And for your bloodcurdling pleasures; check out these eerie haunts “Slenderina & Lurkyman” by Lilith’s Den!  Aren’t they just heavenly….oh wait…unearthly!  Runa blew me a way with her original mesh designs here!  I’ll have these out all year at my shop since they are so fantasy and surpass any masterful oddity I’ve seen yet!

These precious spirited “Paper Bats” by Paper Moon come to life when you sprinkle their wings about!  She is offering these in various color packs at Trick or Treat Lane!

A touch of spooky makes every day better, don’t you think?

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CEBO Backdrops ~ Halloween Cemetary

Paper Moon ~  Paper Bats (Grunge Set) @ Trick or Treat Lane

Lilith’s Den ~ Slenderina & Lurkyman @ I Heart The Cart (Hunt & Cart Sale)

(AND…drumroll…These are a part of the even’ts amazing sim design – a must see & do!)

BamPu Legacies ~ Ben Better Tombstone (Sale $50L)

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

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