Dead Mans Poker!

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I’m thrilled to participate as a Designer in the new hottest event in Second Life as well as an Official Blogger for Heathens Court.  There’s so much variety here my skull is spinning!  The sim décor is superb for a spooky visit and photo session…AND SHOPPING!  Lots and lots of great Creators are participating adding Halloween Exclusives for your darkest desires!  Grab that witch broom and fly on over!

Heathens Court Event

October 5th through 31st, 2019

I love “The Players” skeletons playing poker at the table set up by The Pumpkin Head!  This display of such a nostalgic scene has been a piece of art painted in so many styles and themes for ages and years! (Available at Heathens Court!)

I thought I would make a more painterly effect to my photo and add a splash of other items from SL’s events to enter CEBO Backdrops Photo Contest!

See the Flickr post here.

Visit CEBO to pick up your own Halloween Backdrop (5 sets available), enter the contest and VOTE here!

Eclectica has grown to be one of my favorite monster food style Creators!  You can also pick the 2 color sets up at Heathens Court!  Set them out and watch them steam up the table while your guests click to receive a cup of pumpkin spice to delight their devilish taste buds!

DaD is a Creator that dreams up “awe”-some effective items! I fell in wonderment awe with his new skeletons “Let’s Party Skully” set available at the current Salem event!


Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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The Pumpkin Head ~ The Players @ Heathens Court Event

Eclectica ~ Curiosities Pumpkin Spice Sets @ Heathens Court Event

DaD ~ Let’s Party Skully (Skeletons Posing) @ Salem

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