Charlestown Halloween

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Trick or treating returns!

Bringing costumes



Carved Pumpkins

& Autumn Fall burns!

Trick or treating returns!

Drive slowly

Watch the kids

Grab your candy

Bob for apples;

Remember to take turns!

Trick or treating returns!

Charlestown is haunting

Full of life and death

Haunted Inns

Decorated porches;

Join us all with

October’s concern!

By Bambi Chicque

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Redeux is open! 

Heathens Court is open!

Salem is open!

Cosmopolitan is open!

Out Shop Cancer Grid Wide Event is still running!


If you are looking for buildings to set out with a medieval flair or in need of exquisite design for photography, take advantage of the great prices (at Redeux) HarshLands has with his new Medieval Town builds! This scene shows the Smithy home and the Town Inn with its outer stairs!  I’m howling in pleasure!

Artisan Fantasy always grabs my attention with his new works!  Fall is here and he mixed the Halloween feel with his Autumn “Harvest Décor Set”!  Available at Redux!

Look closely at Simply Shelby’s “Spider Topiaries” which comes in four colors!  Delightfully eeky!  These are available at the Heathens Court Event!

Who can’t resist setting out “Cute Ghosts” (by Bee Designs / GACHA)!  They swoop, they make smiles and are forever precious!  They are available at Cosmopolitan!

Where I come from, we awe at endearing Halloween costumes!  I can’t take my eyes off these clever “Elzen Primitive Halloween Dolls” by Serenity Style; available at Salem!

All of the designs in my scene make Halloween in Second Life memorable and I had fun setting up Charlestown! 

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Bambi Chicque


Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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HarshLands ~  Medieval Town Smithy & Medieval Town Inn @ Redeux

Little Branch ~ Croton Plant & Grass @ Cosmopolitan Event

Cosmos ~ Tall Sunflowers @ Heathens Court

Exquisite Eye Decorations ~ Fall Decoration (Apples, Hay Stack) @ Out Shop Cancer

Simply Shelby ~ Spider Topiaries @ Heathens Court

Bee Designs ~ Cute Ghosts Gacha (RARE) @ Cosmopolitan

Luna Rose Creations ~ Dance Of Death Violin Statue @ Heathens Court

GOOSE ~ Scary Pumpkins (black) @ Cosmopolitan

Artisan Fantasy ~ Carved Pumpkins, Harvest Entry Décor Set, Stony Hollow Fall Bunting @ Redeux

Serenity Style ~ Elzen Primitive Halloween Dolls (RARE) @ Salem

The Pumpkin Head ~ Wicked Witch @ Heathens Court

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