Christmas Crispy Morns

So much to do this Christmas Season and I still have to make the time away from decorating, wrapping and sending Christmas Cards to take my little Frenchy out for his morning walk!  Now that you can see how cute he is, take a look around at all this wonderful decorI

The SL Christmas EXPO is full of delights!  I swooned over this cute sweater outfit, boots & nylons by S&D as soon as I tried them on!  I’m all cozy now!  See landmark below to visit her shop at the Expo!

Remember, the American Cancer Society is the world’s leader in the Fight Against Cancer (RFL). All proceeds from the SL Christmas Expo supports the Society and its efforts to provide research to end and support for those affected by along with childhood cancers.

For more information about the Expo you can visit their site here!


ADVENT anyone?  There’s a long list this year in Second Life, so make sure to add CIRCA to your own list!  She didn’t just add one little simple item to her calendar “daily” box…nope! Each contains several items to blend in perfectly for your Christmas needs! Her sim is exquisite and has so many Holiday items there, too!

Sick Puppy has created these adorable “Metal Garden Pigs” and she has them in other flavors….oops….colors as well!

Happy Shopping & Decorating!

See Style Card below!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Ayashi ~ Una Hair wHud for Streaks & Bands

S&B ~ Christmas Outfit Susi Flieder with Boots & Nylons @ SL Christmas EXPO 2019


Funky*Junk ~ Amelia Cottage & Christmas Decor

CIRCA ~ Advent Calendar Items: Aspen Winter Woodland Crate & Gatherings, Aspen Winter Elegant Fir Tree Planter, Lunaria Holiday Fir Wreath Red, Snowfall Hill Wicker Sphere Light, Northern Forest Cottage Wall Art & Holiday Words, Aspen Frost Milk Can Planter, Woodlands Holiday Sign Post & Redwood Deer, Aspen Winter Poinsettia Planter, Aspen Winter Rabbit Burrow & Festive Bushes Snow

Lilith’s Den ~ Winter Holidays String (hanging on my door!) @ Dandelion Daydreams Drunken Elf Fest

Tm:.Creation ~ Snowy Bycicle Winter Decor @ TLALLI Around The World France Event

Tm:.Creation ~  Xmas Mailbox & Christmas Presents with Decors @ SL Christmas EXPO 2019

Sick Puppy ~ Metal Garden Pig Santa HoHoHo @ Twe12lve

Simply Shelby ~ Winter Archway Trees & Walkway


Lush Poses ~ French Bulldog @ TLALLI Around The World France Event

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