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Meet Me At The Station

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Where did your dreams take you last night?

Snow is falling while I keep my promise;

You were restless in the darkness

While calling my number.

Any hurt or wound I will pacify;

Here’s our chance meeting

With traveler’s motion

No time for exhaustion.

I didn’t sleep a wink

Wondering if the train

Will arrive on time.

Meet me at the station

Before the city changes

I already bought your ticket

Now you keep your vow

Allow our dreams to take us in the night;

Snow is falling

I feel you near.

By Bambi Chicue

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During my childhood my parents put me on the train to see my Grandparents often.  In those days it was safe.  I remember watching every scene as the window captured my attention for the full trip back and forth.  So, yes, I love trains, railroad tracks and train stations!

Killer’s Productions “Snow Bronxtown Railway Station & Tracks” stole my heart and I’ll be picking up lots of tickets to anywhere USA from this sweet snowy delight!  It’s available at Uber; here’s your ticket to ride!

I took a little trip over to see some new greatness that Muniick has brought to the grid and picked up a special deal on his Adler Antique Entryway Décor. See below where I listed some of the items from that set to use for my scene above. I am impressed with the realness in design as well as perfection in texturing!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head

7 Deadly s[K]ins ~ Joanes (NEW LM!)

Swallow ~ Elf Ears HD & Rosary/Cross Necklace Set

Mimikri ~ Montana Blazer & Fur Stole and Skirt @ Uber

ChicChica ~ Demet OverKnee Boot FatPack

No.Match ~ No Fail Hair


Killer’s ~ Snow Bronxtown Railway Station & Tracks @ Uber

Lilith’s Den ~ Lacertus Sacerdos (eerie statue!) & Antique Wedding Foot Stool

ChiMia ~ Supreme Travelling Trunk & Color HUD

Image Essentials ~ Guitar (for Walkabout Pose Set)

Muniick ~ Adler Antique Entryway Décor (Tricycle, Suitcases, Window Pane, 1907 Clock, Steel Planter, Reclaimed Wood Décor, Book Stack) Pinwheel, Lorimer Straight Arm Lamp and French Revival Snow Sled

MINIMAL ~ Vintage Pail Advent Calendar 2019

Nutmeg ~ Vintage Rotary Dial Phone GACHA

Rezz Room ~ Pomeranian Reindeer Animesh (Companion)

ACORN ~ Vintage Style Clock -Silver


FOXCITY ~ All Nighters Bento Pose

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Swept Away

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻

The silent thunder

Swept Away

Made of storms

Swept Away

With each rain drop

A golden burst

Just simply know

I love you so

Hear my cry

I’m Swept Away

By Bambi Chicque


There’s something about Zibska that always catches our hearts.

You know you are guilty; you run and zoom in to all her art!

Whether it’s her beauteous makeup or her ravishing accessory ensembles,

She stole your heart and a few more Linden gets spent!

Well worth spending toward her valued and attractive prices,

You now have your wearable art to capture a striking moment

To impress upon your photography skills!

Zib has created an ensemble called “Truss” for The Underdog Event.

Both the makeup set and the Style Collar set are dazzled with a colorful HUD.

Worn together you can strike a pose and ravish your followers!

See Style Card Below

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head

7 Deadly s[K]ins ~ Jana (New Landmark 2020)

Swallow ~ Elf Ears HD & Rosary/Cross Necklace Set

No.Match ~ No Fail Hair

REVOUL ~ Tusa Hairbase

RAPTURE ~ Melinda Cognac Jumpsuit

Zibska ~ Truss MakeUp & Truss Style Collar Set @ The Underdog Event

Olive ~ Gem Heart Bindi & Nose Ring

CAZIMI ~ Leila Nail Applier & Aurora Eyes


Art Of Poses ~ Keep Away

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻

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