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Memorial to Magic Hill

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Fantasy Faire 2020 Goodies!

Today I am sharing some novel décor items by Lilith’s Den.  Her Fairy Hill Landscaping kit can be an essential item for your landscaping creations and photographing.  The strange medieval stones can also be purchased separately!  An added touch are the poses with the bench where you can adjust if needed.  The set is available at her main shop (See Style Card Below)

Love those plume moths?  Lilith’s Den created 2 color sets for Fantasy Faire 2020.  Each comes scripted with animations.  You can rez them wherever you like and put the desired radius in its description.  With a gentle touch it will start its beautiful winged animation and flight. 

There are also “tiny” moths included which make for a precious garden scene come to life!

And to continue with her wonderful moths, she created a wicker wreath style “Dreamcatcher White Plume Moth” (and a black one) for her Relay for Life items!  I love dreamcatchers and this one is quite unique!

Visit Lilith’s Den at Fantasy Faire ~ Spirit Valley of Kuruk / Sponsored by Spyralle!

There are 4 reasons to fly on over to her Fantasy Faire “cave”!

1) Pick up your very own items shown in my review and especially her RFL items!

2) Fanvatar & Moonstruck is also showcasing some amazing gems in the same shop! (Review items will be shown soon.)

3) Since they are the Owners/Creators of Dandelion Daydreams Factory, they have a special hunt in their FF shop!

4) The “Spirit Vally of Kuruk” is an amazing realm to visit!

Have fun!


Lilith’s Den ~ Fairy Hill (Full Set) Landscaping Kit; Includes Bench, Bush, Trees, etc. 

Lilith’s Den ~ Pucifera Elastica Plants (These are the odd black pod looking plants with a single leaf sprouting out – love love love these!)

Lilith’s Den ~ Sitting Bear Statue, Plume Moth [Pterophorus pentadactyla], Wrought Iron Hanging Candle Holder, Dreamcatcher White Plume Moth (RFL Item) @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Color Alchemists ~ Memory Wall with Photo Frame, Old Gazebo Memorial, Memorial Tree with Fawn (all 3 items are RFL) @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Garden of Agra Adara

Garden of Agra Adara

A dark moment on a stone path with lush twinkling trees leads the Faireland Wonderers into a magical garden.  Your heart will fade into the chimera of enchantment.  A Teeglepet Arabian Horse awaits you to carry you further into your journey of awe.  Enjoy the fountains with Dancing Ganesh Statues where you can find choices of cushions to sit and meditate. Swim in the water fountains with the bathing elephants under sparkling waterfalls, photograph the splendors of the Taj Mahol echos and fill your dreams with an amazing shopping arena. Let the golden light of Agra Adara carry you away.


Fantasy Faire 2020 is celebrating our 12th year to support the American Cancer Society dream of a universe without cancer.  Imagine if that could be possible; because with your purchases 100% of the funds goes to RFL!  This is the most elite fundraiser Second Life holds and you can be a part of the success story!  We have all been touched in some way with cancer.  I have battled it several times myself, successfully.  Including a recent bout with skin cancer surgery which left me with a very ugly scar.  But at least I am cancer free now.

Read more here where Second Life and Fantasy Faire is involved with RFL.


I am a photographer in my real world whereby I have several websites and art installs around Dallas, Texas.  I have plans to entwine a lot of my Fantasy Faire 2020 photographs with my physical business.  I love taking my photographs and turn them into paintings.  The process takes me sometimes hours. My mouse touches every pixel to ensure I have an exquisite and high definition piece of art.  And, yes, I plan to do a photograph (or two) of each magnificent Fantasy Fair sim!

(Visit one of my websites here.)


The Shopping Catalogue with the Relay For Life (RFL) Items can be found here and on Pinterest (below).


United InshCon & Bad Katz

STORES (SLURL takes you to their Main Shop)

Little 2 Large


Hawker’s House & Dragon Forge Weapons

TFF – Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions

DCKM & Rogues Echo

Dragons Arise

Camp Italia*

John Dee’s Emporium

CKit Falconry

Mirage Treasure Co.


Sakka’s Studio

.: Eclectic Stars :.

ChangHigh Art


Lyrical Bizarre Templates

Shaman’s Hut

Eagle’s Photo Studio*


This page is a full list of every store presenting their merchandise at this year’s faire.  The SLURL takes you straight to their Fantasy Faire shop; listed alphabetically.

Below is the original photo before I created a painting with it:

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& Official Fantasy Faire Blogger Blogger

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There is a place not far from here where strong men live lives of pleasure; not labor.  A place where you could be feared and respected at the same time.  Defined by history, the Pirate is distorted to fit their narrative as monsters.  They seek richness by doing less.  This is how they survive on The Isle of Shadows; coming out of the darkness to live their freedom with wealth of the coin and treasures from dramatic wars spread across oceans and select beaches.  In the brute of the night the Pirate loses all lingering doubts.  This is the place where he calls home.

You, too, can visit “The Isle of Shadows” at Fantasy Faire 2020!  Is there hidden treasure there? Just go check for yourself!

The sim design is breathtaking with the foiled and mangled leftover ships ashore.  And this is where you will find our year-after-year very favorite dragon ship in the sky “Fairechylde”!

Why do you go to Fantasy Faire? Shopping for fantasy, exploring the depths of creativity and total uniqueness in sim design and to photograph for your forever memoirs.  It’s so important while shopping to seek out the Relay For Life Vendors; to be a part of the historic collection for proceeds going to raise monies for the dreadful C-word.  Be a part of this!

Fantasy Faire Dates: April 23-May 10 2020, in support of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. 18 regions of beauty, wonder and delight, featuring arts, performance and shopping the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else on the Grid!

Check out my Style Card below for credits where most of the items I am wearing are RFL (Relay For Life) items!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& Official Fantasy Faire Blogger

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Isle of Shadows ~ Sponsored by Seanchai Library ~ Fantasy Faire 2020


Belle Epoque ~ Anna Dress @ Fantasy Faire 2020 ~ RFL Item

WASABI ~ Hanami Hair @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Lassitude & Ennui ~ Reverie Leather Boots @ Fantasy Faire 2020 ~ RFL Item

ThatChick ~ Tree Of Life Necklace Set @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head

Amara Beauty ~ Alice Skin for CATWA

Lumae ~ Leevi Ears – Medium Natural

CAZIMI ~ Aurora Eyes


NANTRA ~ Sea Breeze 4 Pose

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Please welcome one of my new creation exclusives for Fantasy Faire 2020!  


I have each item available separately or you can buy (and $Save$) the FatPack!

Much time was spent in photoshop to create high quality textures with love and attention to details.  I was able to create some unique original mesh to compliment parts of the items, too.

Dip into a world of indulgence and entitlement and pick these up for yourself!

Please visit my BamPu Legacies Shop at Alia Baroque’s / Fallen Gods Faireland “Zodiac” to see these displayed along with other exclusive fantasy items I created.

Medieval Curtains & Window ~ Relay For Life Item at Fantasy Faire 2020

Have fun Fairelanders…Hope to see you there!

Let me know how you like everything!

xoxo Bambi Chicque

Designer/Owner ~ BamPu Legacies

Official Blogger for Fantasy Faire 2020 too!

Destiny’s Oracle Series available at Fantasy Faire 2020

In keeping with Alia Baroque’s “Zodiac” theme for this year’s Fantasy Faire 2020, I created quite a few unique and interesting items.  And I want to thank Alia for helping in blending our two fabrics for the walls at my shop on Zodiac!  You came to my aid so fast I was impressed!  You are the best!

First, you have to check out my “Destiny’s Chasm Floating Gazebo” which flaunts the midnight sky in turquoise hues, walkable winding stairs and flashing lights along with magical impressive orbs!  Make sure you pick up the pack of “Destiny’s Oracle Star Floating Orbs”, too!

For my RFL item in the grouping you will find a beautiful “Destiny’s Celestrial Statue” whereby the molten gold on the figure’s body melts in animation.

Check out the DEMO display at my BamPu Legacies Shop at Zodiac.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received on the display.  Not to mention how many I sold just on the day before our Grand Opening!  The DEMO spot is a great photo opp, too!

Tuscano Lions Park Side-Gate Entrance

The event dates are April 23rd – May 10th, 2020.



See you at the Faire!

xoxo Bambi Chicque

Owner/Designer of BamPu Legacies

And Official Blogger for Fantasy Faire

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Easter came and went!

There was a little madness this Spring,

We wondered wondering in a cloud,

We watched the moon turn pink,

Tossed our head with laughter

When a funny meme glazed our page.

The flowers still bloomed.

The sun wove down upon us

While the streets and clubs were empty

And our couches were fluffed with blankets

And we swept into our wounds and houses,

Rising to greet the silent war

As Easter came and went!

May all your days ahead be blessed

That you may find comfort and peace once more!

Now I need to shuffle through my hallway

Won’t you help me please?

Where did my bunnies go?

by Bambi Chicque

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I’ve been dying to use Foxcity’s Photo Booth “Good Form” with all it’s vibrant colors and the forever hallway! Since I was picking up some Easter decor at our private home to change from Easter to…hmmm… haven’t figured that out yet ~ I had to show off the cute Bunnies from JIAN!


I saw RAZOR’s funky lime rubber boots and decided I need those (Yep! I need another pair of shoes!) to slush through the mud since we’ve had so much rain lately…Oh wait…that’s real. But hey! I needed those rubber boots!


RAPTURE just so happened to have her Bueno Net Bikini on sale that perfectly matched those rubber boots that I had to have!


Wah~La! Colorful picture, fun little bunny hunt and a big tease for you to go grab all those things that you have to have!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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RAPTURE ~ BUENO-Net Bikini-Green

Pr!tty ~ Yuri Hair & HUD Fatpack

RAZOR ~ Rubber Harley Boots wSocks


FOXCITY ~ Photo Booth Good Form

JIAN ~ Bunny v3 Wanderer & Held

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Easter Fairy Blessings

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Easter is a promise that God gave to you, a promise of eternal life, a season of renewal.

Even should you stumble and fall, God will lend you a hand to help you stand tall!

As Easter approaches the world, we are amid the COVID-9 Pandemic and much of us are staying at home in order to save lives and to take care of family.  Although we will not be attending Easter Sunday Services, gathering for Good Friday or trying to catch the sneaky Easter Bunny while adoring the children fill their Easter Baskets; we will remain safe and know good times will return again soon.

May you all find your shining beacon of hope!

As a dedicated Designer & Blogger in Second Life, I now have plenty of time to roll up  my sleeves to design for the upcoming Fantasy Faire (as a Sponsor!) and to blog!  My basket is full!!  And I can’t wait.  So without further ado, let me now introduce the items in my photo for review!



Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head

Glam Affair ~ Lea Skin {CATWA} Basic Line (FLF SKIN) 12 Tones (Skin is Maitreya Applier)

Lumae ~ Leevi Ears – Medium Natural

Dirty Princess ~ Bibbidi Bang Princess Dress withTiara & Wings

ChicChica ~ Morgana Bride High Heels

Boom Kitty ~ Baby Girl Necklace @ The Underdog Event


Wishbringer ~ Underhill IV (Elven Home), Stump Tables, Pottery Jars, Raku Ware, Hanging Flowers

BamPu Legacies ~ Easter Bunny Peeps Decor (Showing both Elowyn & Enzo)

2 Sizes available and Easter Baskets

Serenity Style ~ Gardener Rabbit – Green (FatPack)

JIAN ~ Peacock Static Fanned Tail and ‘dorable Danes 9

CELESTE ~ Galaxy Swirl Globe @ Ostara’s Altar Event

Lilith’s Den ~ Fairy Hill Stones

BamPu Legacies ~ Easter Lily Field with Scatter Cups (2 Sizes)

Hayabusa Design ~ Field of Albuca Circle G

Foxwood ~ Lilly Puppy Basket

Spyralle ~ Haze Pottery Chalice and Pottery Bowl – MorningStar @ Ostara’s Altar Event

The Half Moon Market ~ Turkish Coffee Set

BamPu Legacies ~ Stone Paths (Part of BamPu Fairy Bridge Set)


NANTRA ~ Follies Pose #1

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Going totally out there in setting out my snugly home for Easter while relaxing with my little fur babies is what I needed during this sad time of the Covid-19 Pandemic! Won’t you join me in relaxing, staying safe at home and shopping in Second Life?

I have so many decorations set out and so little time to brag on all of them, but listen up! I do have to mention CIRCA; my dear friend Cherelle Capra’s creations. There’s no doubt if you are searching for home decor of all types you will find your color themes and special needs at her shop! I can always count on her blog review packs to give me plenty to utilize for any type of themed scene I am creating; while I’ll even run off to pick up something I know she has so I can touch up my final shot!

And one more tribute…The Underdog Event has changed to allow the Designers set up at their shops rather than an event setting. I chose to wear a particular shade from CHIMERA’s Jewel Catwa Lipstick for this photo because the colors are perfect in every way! I bet it’s even Vegan! This set is truelly classically feminine!


Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head

Glam Affair ~ Lea Skin {CATWA} Basic Line (FLF SKIN) 12 Tones (Skin is Maitreya Applier)

Lumae ~ Leevi Ears – Medium Natural

Moon Hair ~ 1979

Fantavatar & Moonstruck ~ Florentine Necklace, Ring, Bracelet @ Ostara’s Altar 2020

Lilith Mills ~ Belle Dress with Sleeves

ChicChica ~ Duda Gold Floral Sandal High Heels

CAZIMI ~ Aurora Eyes

CHIMERA ~ Jewel Catwa Lipstick @ The Underdog Event


Wishbringer ~ Underhill Cottage IV & Counter Décor, Pottery Jars, Sinkbowl & Handpump

Lumino ~ Boho Cabinet (Purple Gold) & Candle Collection, Copper Sun Mirror, Apothecary Candle

Laminak ~ Pearls Parlor: -2 Seat Sofa Cream Grunge, Floor Lamp, Leaning Art – Kiss Of The Siren, Coffee Table, Side Table, Rug, I See You – Head Statue,

Park Place ~ Copper Plate Table Décor, Gentle Love Table Décor, Coffee Table Books, Green Leafy Table Plant, Sand Stones Table Décor, Book & Apple Table Decor

NOMAD ~ The Moon and His Friends

CIRCA ~ BLOOM Blossom Wreath, MYST Aloe Planter, AUGUSTA Peacock Wall Art, ROMANTIQUE Rose Mannequin, OSTARA Spring Alter Offering – @ Ostara’s Altar 2020

Roawenwood ~ Springtime Easter Baskets, Spring Daffodil @ Ostara’s Altar 2020

JIAN ~ Posh Pups-RARE Carrier Purse, Caged Candles GG, New Year’s Champagne

Black Bantam ~Shar Pei Puppy, Scaredy English Bulldogs

Inner Mantra ~ Interactive Amazon parrots in Birdcage

Lacrime dell’ anima ~ Colden Crate Stools

KraftWork ~ Amazonia Banana Table Décor, Indio Palm Vase, Amazonia Brasileirinho Vase

Paper Moon ~ Potted Snake Plants @ Ostara’s Altar 2020 (Hunt Prize)

Dench Designs ~ The Girls Room Vase Décor

BamPu Legacies ~ Love Journal Red Rose Letter Hat & Easter Balloons

BLOOM! ~ Blue Hanging Ivy

Andika ~ Chill Time Gelato Décor, New Year’s Cake Count Down

ChicChica ~ Strawberry Margarita

Foxwood ~ Boho Lounge Love Birds Cage

Dust Bunny ~ Rabbit Ear Sponge Cake GG, Rose Cake, DIY Rose Tea GG

Apple Fall ~ Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake

-MB– ~ Floral Decoration with Lights


Luanes World ~ Le Mantra du Coeur 1 Pose & Coffe Cup

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