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Easter came and went!

There was a little madness this Spring,

We wondered wondering in a cloud,

We watched the moon turn pink,

Tossed our head with laughter

When a funny meme glazed our page.

The flowers still bloomed.

The sun wove down upon us

While the streets and clubs were empty

And our couches were fluffed with blankets

And we swept into our wounds and houses,

Rising to greet the silent war

As Easter came and went!

May all your days ahead be blessed

That you may find comfort and peace once more!

Now I need to shuffle through my hallway

Won’t you help me please?

Where did my bunnies go?

by Bambi Chicque

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I’ve been dying to use Foxcity’s Photo Booth “Good Form” with all it’s vibrant colors and the forever hallway! Since I was picking up some Easter decor at our private home to change from Easter to…hmmm… haven’t figured that out yet ~ I had to show off the cute Bunnies from JIAN!


I saw RAZOR’s funky lime rubber boots and decided I need those (Yep! I need another pair of shoes!) to slush through the mud since we’ve had so much rain lately…Oh wait…that’s real. But hey! I needed those rubber boots!


RAPTURE just so happened to have her Bueno Net Bikini on sale that perfectly matched those rubber boots that I had to have!


Wah~La! Colorful picture, fun little bunny hunt and a big tease for you to go grab all those things that you have to have!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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RAPTURE ~ BUENO-Net Bikini-Green

Pr!tty ~ Yuri Hair & HUD Fatpack

RAZOR ~ Rubber Harley Boots wSocks


FOXCITY ~ Photo Booth Good Form

JIAN ~ Bunny v3 Wanderer & Held

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