There is a place not far from here where strong men live lives of pleasure; not labor.  A place where you could be feared and respected at the same time.  Defined by history, the Pirate is distorted to fit their narrative as monsters.  They seek richness by doing less.  This is how they survive on The Isle of Shadows; coming out of the darkness to live their freedom with wealth of the coin and treasures from dramatic wars spread across oceans and select beaches.  In the brute of the night the Pirate loses all lingering doubts.  This is the place where he calls home.

You, too, can visit “The Isle of Shadows” at Fantasy Faire 2020!  Is there hidden treasure there? Just go check for yourself!

The sim design is breathtaking with the foiled and mangled leftover ships ashore.  And this is where you will find our year-after-year very favorite dragon ship in the sky “Fairechylde”!

Why do you go to Fantasy Faire? Shopping for fantasy, exploring the depths of creativity and total uniqueness in sim design and to photograph for your forever memoirs.  It’s so important while shopping to seek out the Relay For Life Vendors; to be a part of the historic collection for proceeds going to raise monies for the dreadful C-word.  Be a part of this!

Fantasy Faire Dates: April 23-May 10 2020, in support of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. 18 regions of beauty, wonder and delight, featuring arts, performance and shopping the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else on the Grid!

Check out my Style Card below for credits where most of the items I am wearing are RFL (Relay For Life) items!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& Official Fantasy Faire Blogger

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Isle of Shadows ~ Sponsored by Seanchai Library ~ Fantasy Faire 2020


Belle Epoque ~ Anna Dress @ Fantasy Faire 2020 ~ RFL Item

WASABI ~ Hanami Hair @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Lassitude & Ennui ~ Reverie Leather Boots @ Fantasy Faire 2020 ~ RFL Item

ThatChick ~ Tree Of Life Necklace Set @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head

Amara Beauty ~ Alice Skin for CATWA

Lumae ~ Leevi Ears – Medium Natural

CAZIMI ~ Aurora Eyes


NANTRA ~ Sea Breeze 4 Pose

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