Garden of Agra Adara

Garden of Agra Adara

A dark moment on a stone path with lush twinkling trees leads the Faireland Wonderers into a magical garden.  Your heart will fade into the chimera of enchantment.  A Teeglepet Arabian Horse awaits you to carry you further into your journey of awe.  Enjoy the fountains with Dancing Ganesh Statues where you can find choices of cushions to sit and meditate. Swim in the water fountains with the bathing elephants under sparkling waterfalls, photograph the splendors of the Taj Mahol echos and fill your dreams with an amazing shopping arena. Let the golden light of Agra Adara carry you away.


Fantasy Faire 2020 is celebrating our 12th year to support the American Cancer Society dream of a universe without cancer.  Imagine if that could be possible; because with your purchases 100% of the funds goes to RFL!  This is the most elite fundraiser Second Life holds and you can be a part of the success story!  We have all been touched in some way with cancer.  I have battled it several times myself, successfully.  Including a recent bout with skin cancer surgery which left me with a very ugly scar.  But at least I am cancer free now.

Read more here where Second Life and Fantasy Faire is involved with RFL.


I am a photographer in my real world whereby I have several websites and art installs around Dallas, Texas.  I have plans to entwine a lot of my Fantasy Faire 2020 photographs with my physical business.  I love taking my photographs and turn them into paintings.  The process takes me sometimes hours. My mouse touches every pixel to ensure I have an exquisite and high definition piece of art.  And, yes, I plan to do a photograph (or two) of each magnificent Fantasy Fair sim!

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The Shopping Catalogue with the Relay For Life (RFL) Items can be found here and on Pinterest (below).


United InshCon & Bad Katz

STORES (SLURL takes you to their Main Shop)

Little 2 Large


Hawker’s House & Dragon Forge Weapons

TFF – Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions

DCKM & Rogues Echo

Dragons Arise

Camp Italia*

John Dee’s Emporium

CKit Falconry

Mirage Treasure Co.


Sakka’s Studio

.: Eclectic Stars :.

ChangHigh Art


Lyrical Bizarre Templates

Shaman’s Hut

Eagle’s Photo Studio*


This page is a full list of every store presenting their merchandise at this year’s faire.  The SLURL takes you straight to their Fantasy Faire shop; listed alphabetically.

Below is the original photo before I created a painting with it:

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