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Fantasy Faire 2020 Goodies!

Today I am sharing some novel décor items by Lilith’s Den.  Her Fairy Hill Landscaping kit can be an essential item for your landscaping creations and photographing.  The strange medieval stones can also be purchased separately!  An added touch are the poses with the bench where you can adjust if needed.  The set is available at her main shop (See Style Card Below)

Love those plume moths?  Lilith’s Den created 2 color sets for Fantasy Faire 2020.  Each comes scripted with animations.  You can rez them wherever you like and put the desired radius in its description.  With a gentle touch it will start its beautiful winged animation and flight. 

There are also “tiny” moths included which make for a precious garden scene come to life!

And to continue with her wonderful moths, she created a wicker wreath style “Dreamcatcher White Plume Moth” (and a black one) for her Relay for Life items!  I love dreamcatchers and this one is quite unique!

Visit Lilith’s Den at Fantasy Faire ~ Spirit Valley of Kuruk / Sponsored by Spyralle!

There are 4 reasons to fly on over to her Fantasy Faire “cave”!

1) Pick up your very own items shown in my review and especially her RFL items!

2) Fanvatar & Moonstruck is also showcasing some amazing gems in the same shop! (Review items will be shown soon.)

3) Since they are the Owners/Creators of Dandelion Daydreams Factory, they have a special hunt in their FF shop!

4) The “Spirit Vally of Kuruk” is an amazing realm to visit!

Have fun!


Lilith’s Den ~ Fairy Hill (Full Set) Landscaping Kit; Includes Bench, Bush, Trees, etc. 

Lilith’s Den ~ Pucifera Elastica Plants (These are the odd black pod looking plants with a single leaf sprouting out – love love love these!)

Lilith’s Den ~ Sitting Bear Statue, Plume Moth [Pterophorus pentadactyla], Wrought Iron Hanging Candle Holder, Dreamcatcher White Plume Moth (RFL Item) @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Color Alchemists ~ Memory Wall with Photo Frame, Old Gazebo Memorial, Memorial Tree with Fawn (all 3 items are RFL) @ Fantasy Faire 2020