A Piece Of Heaven

In memory of our future

In thoughts for today

A view of our present

Reflections to what will be

A place of passion

Where we dress to fit our mood

Never breaking our sleep

And faithful to watch our keep

We wonder through the fairelands

Like little puffy clouds

Following the twinkling stars

Unfolding into the arms of an enchanting world

To become the Worldlings

As all our dreams come true.

Be who you want to be!

By Bambi Chicque

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Let’s explore what is happening at the Fairelands in regards to the Critter Worldling Challenge!

Grab your friends and take part of this sweet little find at Fantasy Faire!

There are eight worldlings to seek out.  Once you find them, take a photograph of yourself with them and post it to this page.

There are photos half covered in black that serves as a hint as to where they are.  When someone posts their critter selfie on the website, Sonya will unveil more of the hint photo.  There is a “spoiler” page on the website, but I’ll let yo find that! LOL

When the first Great Explorer locates the critter and posts a picture of themselves with the critter in the comments below, the rest of the picture will be revealed and a new Critter Parade challenge will be posted.

Remember to click the critters when you find them to receive some goodies!

Visit the Worldling Cradle in Fairelands Junction!

Critter Meadow by Sonya Marmurek & The Critters of Ambar


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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Viki ~ Sister Gown FatPack @ Fantasy Faire 2020

.:Soul:. ~ Jalyn Ranitomeya V2 Skin (Purple) @ Fantasy Faire

Analog Dog ~ Yoli Hair RFL @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Poet’s Heart ~ Raidy Jewelry (Crown, Hairsticks, Necklace & Flower at Belt) @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Deviance ~ Sidhe Wings Mesh (Available in many splendid colors)


Simply Shelby ~ Fairy Lights Watering Can & Field Flowers FatPack @ Fantasy Faire 2020


FOXCITY ~ What Gives Pose #4

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