Loving my wolf!  If you have followed me on some of my previous reviews, you would then know how much I love wolves since childhood.  As a photographer I have photographed them in the wild while living in Alaska!

This lovely creature protecting my every step at Lunafae in Fantasy Faire 2020 was created by CKit Falconry and is a Relay For Life item at their Fairelands Shop! The set is complete with 2 sizes in the wolf (other colors available), Wolf Food Bowl loaded with raw chicken (because they prefer chicken over beef), Wolf Water Bowl and the ability to touch on REZ for a lengthy useful menu!

You can change his name, position where you want him to wonder and the range and can be set to chase (Why not? Isn’t that their natural habit?).  He stands, sleeps, snarls, howls, lays, scratches, digs, looks at you then watches around himself, opens/closes his mouth, eats, licks, and so many others!  I was totally amazed.

Quick note, once rez’d and the menu comes up; remember you can change his coat to 4 color selections, change his eye color, turn sounds off/on,

By adding the wolf to your avatar, he walks with you and completes about a 15-minute or so cycle of all his animations!  Sooooooo, if you are taking photographs and if you are like me who takes pix with different windlights – get ready and be very patient with your lovely fur baby because that same position may be a while before it happens again!  But fear not!  Be in awe at how smart, cute, wonderful, loving and accurate this critter is by your side!  JUST CLICK HIM and the MENU pops up so you can pose him (as well as going through the full menu to customize him!)  Love the fully detailed notecard that is included with my wolf! 

Oh and I named him MoonPie!

One more tidbit regarding the wolf and something especially cool you may want to pick up at CKit Falconry’s Fantasy Faire 2020 shop is the “Swimming” Kit in the Beta 1.5 crate!

Finally, don’t you just love this skin? SOUL has always been at the top of my list for fantasy skins (as well as other mesh creations Charlie dreams up)! This is available at Fantasy Faire 2020; he has 2 of the color selections set up in a Relay For Life vendor! See his landmarks below! Thank you, Charlie for sending this to me!

Visit Fantasy Faire 2020; benefiting Relay For Life!

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Bambi Chicque

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!dM deviousMind ~ Valkyrie Onyx Chainmill Set (& wearing Hourglass from Group Gift March 2020) @ Fantasy Faire 2020

SOUL ~ [G3] Jalyn RanitomeyaV2 [Ink] Skin @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Simply Shelby ~ Moon & Stars Light RFL @ Fantasy Faire 2020

CKit Falconry ~ Grey Wolf2 Animesh RFL @ Fantasy Faire 2020

A.D.D.Andel! ~ Galaxy Eyes RFL @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Opale ~ Ophelie Hair, Iris Hair and Hailey Hair (Yes, I’m wearing all 3)

Limited Addiction ~ Amoret Mesh Stiletto Nails

Valkyries ~ VL Headress Horns RARE

Gos Boutique ~ Frenchie Ankle Boots


Lunafae at Fantasy Faire 2020


FOXCITY ~ Anti-Drama Squad Pose F2

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