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A Caravan Of Dreams

Is Better Than The Demons Of Cancer

Why do I relay?

First, I am one who jumps at the opportunity to design for some of the most important events in Second Life where the proceeds are joyfully sent to The American Cancer Society!  I wish to inspire survivors, caretakers, their families and in honor of the ones who we have lost.

Second; I buy from the Relay For Life Vendors in Second Life!  I seek them out and do my best to review them.

But most important of all for me personally, since this is such a fight I have privately fought myself with battling various types of cancer.  As a young teen I struggled with the pain of the beginning of cancer cells in my right ovary and the suffering I endured for a long time before a wise old doctor finally decided not to treat it any more, but to remove the ovary.  It worked. 

Years later I have battled a 2nd cyst, but it too has been recovered.  I was in the doctor’s office in February 2020 after a final sonogram and he said β€œYou are cancer free”! Praise Jesus, I said!

But the ongoing combat for me is the skin cancers.  I have had surgeries where there were huge holes left and they looked like I was shot from a rifle!  The skin cancer on my face can be froze off, but it returns.  It is spreading a little more now and since the COVID-19 pandemic and losing my job at a 4-Star Hotel, I lost my health insurance.  So, I wait.  I hope it will not spread worse.  I dread having another surgery which might lead to worse scars; especially on my face.  Throughout my earlier lifetime I modeled, danced for prestigious dance companies (Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks to name a couple) and had my time in theatre/commercials/movies.  Call me vain, but I do not want the reminders of such a deadly disease mark me.  Getting a little older is hard enough (*giggles*).

And yet my heart cries when I remember how my GrandDad, my GrandMother and my Father suffered with worse cancers than I have had.  It took their lives.  I miss them and want them back home with me.  They gave up; which is even sadder.  But their spirit is alive in me and the memories I have will live forever.

So, why do I relay?  It’s important the research goes on! 

It’s important the Scientists and the labs have the funds for the groundwork, exploration and fact-finding quest.  It’s important we find a cure and save lives of children, babies, grandparents, brothers, sisters, parents and friends.  We have all been touched by this demon at some point in our lives and it doesn’t take much for you to reach out to a Relay For Life vendor and buy a wonderful creation for yourself and know the proceeds are going to the best cause we have in Second Life.

Are you inspired?Β Β  Take this taxi now to Fairelands Junction at Fantasy Faire 2020, pick up the teleport HUB and start spending a little to make a big difference.

I did.

I hope you will too.


A Caravan Of Dreams

Is Better Than The Demons Of Cancer


Read Fantasy Faire’s page on our Relay For Life here!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head

A.D.D.Andel!Β ~ Galaxy Eyes RFLΒ @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Petrichor ~ Viscivorus Skin (Serinus) BOM @ Fantasy Faire 2020

deviousMind ~ Dainn Spring Antlers & Hekate Opal Gown Β @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Limited AddictionΒ ~ Amoret Mesh Stiletto Nails

LumaeΒ ~ Leevi Ears – Medium Natural

no.match ~ No Bomb Hair


FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK ~ Gipsy Zodiac Vardo (Gypsy Wagon) RFL @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Spyralle ~ Raven Mask and Song Of The Sun & Moon Statues @ Fantasy Faire 2020

The Olde Attic ~ Fairy Bench with Friends, Resting Time Elven Arch and In Our Darkest Hour Search For The Light @ Fantasy Faire 2020


Poseidon ~ Legolas 4 Pose @ Fantasy Faire 2020

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