Courage Rules


“The lure of an imaginary land?

Traveling somewhere that doesn’t exist?

Of course I’m coming.”

Floki ~ The Vikings ~ Season 4, Episode 10: “The Last Ship”

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Fantasy Faire 2020 ~ Today and Tomorrow are last days!  May 10th, 2020!

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For your Fairelands review for the day; from my heart to yours, here’s a little smorgasbord of choice brainchild creations and some of my winning cuts!

My mouth waters every time I see a Harshlands project! For his Fantasy Faire 2020 creations he forged a monumental “Devonshire Castle” with sections where you are able to create your own dreamy layout! Hence, it’s available in a FatPack with parts such as various sizes in walls, gates (that open/close), a beautiful tower and 2 stone stairs. 

I was delighted as I set these out and built my own fortress!  Kadaj is one creator in SL that pays much attention to detail and texturing.  As a designer myself this is appropriately important to me.  He has other items available to decorate within and around – so I would say he is your one-stop-shop if you need a castle and coordinating décor! 

I have another photo review to do this morning and will post a much larger visual of the set up.  Soon to be here (will insert link after completed)!  Bravo Kadaj!  Love your work!  And thank you for providing the review pack!

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Moving on…

Now, I know you can only see a section of Fantavatar & Moonstruck’s “Davanzati Manor” in this review.  This compliments Harshland’s Devonshire Castle perfectly.  Flawless in design, this is a 3-story sumptuous medieval styled build with courtly windows and doors that also open/close.  The balcony adds a majestic feel whereby any noble décor or persons may delight in positioning ornaments or oneself to oversee their court!  Well done, Luna!  Your creations always amaze me!  I appreciate you sending me the review pack, too!

So, once again please return (here) to check out a better detailed photo of both builds for my next review!

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The Looking Glass is the Region Creator and Worldbuilder for Lunafae at Fantasy Faire 2020!  If you love her creations for the Fairelands, she has them available and better yet in RFL Vendors!  Hop on over to pick these lovelies up because they are essential for decorating your gardens, castles and homes!  I fell in love with her bird bath shown here!  Must note, too, that she has been a Worldbuilder for Fantasy Faire since 2010 ~ 10 years of jaw dropping wonderment!  Thank you, Sharni!  We all love you!

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And just one more regarding the decor…

By Nacht!  The perfection I find in her statues and adornments is divine and beyond compare!  Her Forfax Statue #3 has a perfect face and build.  I wanted to wear Stix’ Black Cosmos skin and “Forfax” matched me perfectly as a flying courageous mate for my photo review! 

Forfax and I rule!  Courage Rules!

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I must now elaborate on a few more items!

Scarlet Fey is also another of our this year’s Fantasy Faire builders (along with partners) at Helidor! At her shop in the Fairelands you can pick up some of these builds as well as her elven wardrobe sets! You won’t need to run around to find boots or accessories because she completes the outfit for you! Love this Heilung Elven costume for my roleplay adventures which is one of her RFL vendors!

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Got Glowing Eyes? The Stringer Mausoleum sure does. In fact she has animated eye packs that will knock your hair out! She completes her packs with exotic fantasy colors and I highly recommend picking up as many packs as you can of her assortments; they are always priced right!

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In conclusion..

Have you worn DOUX hair yet! First notice for me was the softness and shine David Cooper brings to an accomplished look! Not too many hair creators have done what he has! Design is one thing, texturing is another and he perfected both! I can tell you he doesn’t slap a hair texture on it and call it a day; nope! Kudos to you, David!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

CATWA ~ Eva Mesh Head

Stix ~ COSMOS Skin Black RFL @ Fantasy Faire 2020

DOUX ~ Sins Hairstyle

Limited Addiction ~ Amoret Mesh Stiletto Nails

Scarlet Fey ~ Heilung Elven Roleplay Full Set RFL @ Fantasy Faire 2020

The Stringer Mausoleum ~ Shifting Sands Eyes FatPack and Raven Claw Eye @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Lumae ~ Leevi Ears – Medium Natural

Unity Maxim ~ Master Range Bow & Arrow RFL @ Fantasy Faire 2020


by Nacht ~ Forfax Statue 3 @ Fantasy Faire 2020

[ WoO ]  ~ Wyvern Avatar Dragon  (lying down) @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Harshlands ~ Devonshire Castle FatPack, Creeping Ivy, Devonshire Tower @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Fantavatar & Moonstruck ~ Davanzati Manor & Celtic Heart Mask @ Fantasy Faire 2020

CIRCA ~ Bunny Breeze Cherry Blossom Tree

The Looking Glass ~ Lunafae Bird Bath & Trees @ Fantasy Faire 2020


Poseidon  ~ Flight 5 Pose @ Fantasy Faire 2020

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