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June is a busy month in Second Life as well as bucket full of Holidays and Celebrations around the world. 

SWANK Event is celebrating “Pride” and the designers have gone coo-coo teasing us with rainbows of products!  Harshlands designed these impressive huge buckets of spilt paint (in many colors) along with 3 Rainbow Curtains.  I’m oozing in glee and painting my world!

QUOTE by SWANK: “Colors Celebrate Life! offers beauty! Symbolizes hope & Celebrations in the way we live, love, work & play as well as diversity in Sexuality & Gender!”

I kept wondering what I could paint…..what would look fun with these paint buckets!

Then I saw the notice come in from MINIMAL for their June Group Gift – mentioning “Pride Bus”.  So I jumped on over there to pick mine up and the lightbulb went off in my head.

Pairing the multicolored bus, paint buckets and these cute little “Animesh Libellune Miss Elephants” by SEmotions pulled part of my story together.

The bus is huge and perfect for the paint buckets to spill over, splatter and color!  With this type of photo, I couldn’t do a close up of “me”!  But I tried to get in there somehow. 

The story behind the Elephant Mural begins in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas.  This is actually one of my personal photographs I brought into SL for the background.  The mural is called “Deep Elllumphants” and painted by Adrian Torres for which he has won many awards for this.  Deep Ellum is abundant with murals and grafitti!  In fact, my nephew was paid big dollars to finish a painting that he started, got arrested because he didn’t have a permit, and the owner of the building bailed him out and commissioned him to finish it.  If you ever visit Dallas, you will be told to get down to Deep Ellum for fun, drinks, shopping, dancing, art, the graffiti & murals, and dining!

Anywhooo, back to my review…

Inspired by the Pride designs in my review, I thought the Ellumphants would be perfect! So I hope you enjoy my scene.

And the final fashion touch:

The Fashion Loft is having their annual Sale & Hunt Event: “Sail Into Summer”! I designed for this event as well as blogging for it.  I’ll do a close up next of this precious Moana Romper by AMUI that is part of this event.  The Hunt Items are $1L and the New Designs for the event are $99L – all store based, but you have to pick your HUD up at their TFL Headquarters!

And if you are hunting and want great sales at my BamPu Legacies Shop…here’s our taxi!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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AMUI ~ Moana Romper 1 @ TFL Sail Into Summer (Sale & Hunt)

MY BAGS ~ My Banus Handbag (FatPack) @ TFL Sail Into Summer (Sale & Hunt)

REIGN ~ June Sneakers & HUD

AYASHI ~ Melly Hair FatPack & HUD

7 Deadly s[K]ins ~ Joanes Skin


HARSHLANDS ~ Paint Buckets @ Swank

MINIMAL ~ June Group Gift Pride “Love Wins”

SEmotion Libellune ~ Miss Elephant Animesh @ Anthem 6-2020

HALF DEER ~ Basic String Lights – Rainbow @ Anthem 6-2020


FOXCITY ~ What Gives Pose #1

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