My love for anything Viking and especially The Vikings TV Series always inspires me!

Ivar is a love-hate kind of Viking. We’ve seen the good and the worst baddest of him. The final Season will be out next year and I believe we shall see his final true colors!

I created quite a few items along the Viking theme for “I Heart The Cart’s” June 2020 Event called “Can You Dig It”! The theme is set as “Ancient” and you will find all types of ancient tidbits at this sale!

The sim is gorgeous, once again and you need to at least visit it if not to “hunt” or buy the specials and exclusives, but to photograph it as well!

So, yes, as mentioned above there is a Hunt and the venue stays quite busy with everyone coming in and out to “dig”!

Ivar’s Viking Sets

Pictured above are the exclusive items I created. My $10L item is the “Ivar’s Lost Coins & Dragon Egg” item. My Hunt Gift ($2L) is the “Ivar’s War Skull” in 2 sizes. You can wear these and set them out!

Two of the items shown above are at a Special Price of $99L – gotta come visit to see which ones!

I spent hours on the textures for all of these items; so I know you will be impressed at their realism!

Jump aboard your Viking Ship and sail on over to the event!

“Can You Dig It”

June 1 to June 30, 2020

After the event the items will be available for purchase at my BamPu Legacies Main Shop!

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