Contessina de’ Medici GACHA

I’m thrilled to be a Designer in the monthly TWE12VE Event! The first day of the event I had so many sales immediately that I had to copy my SL Transaction List over again. There are some wonderful Designers at this event and everyone has some great items following the theme “Fantasy Flowers”! Come check it out!

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With all my heart I love the Venetian Carnival world!  My trips in real life to Venice educated me on their history and Comedia del Arte’! I go a bit nutsy when it comes to designing for it or to blog something within this theme.

For this round of TWE12VE the theme is “Fantasy Flower”; so I went aha!  It’s Venice time!

I created a gorgeous floral fantasy hat and went a little crazy with the design! It is amazing on!  The golds, creams, fuchsia blend so well together and it coordinates perfectly with the gown! All of the items in this set can be mixed and matched!

The Contessina de’ Medici GACHA includes:

  • Rarest ~ Gown
  • Rare ~ Staff
  • Collar
  • Hat
  • Fuchsia Floral Purse
  • Gold Floral Purse
  • Olive-Gold Mesh Mask
  • Fuchsia Mesh Mask
  • Gold Mesh Mask
  • Necklace
  • Crown

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Also at the event:

Since I love these floral puff balls so much I wanted to design a little garden décor item with them!  I call this set “Contessina de’ Medici Fluky Flowers” and they are also available here for normal sale at TWE12VE!

BamPu Legacies Booth TWE12VE Event

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I always spend hours creating an attractive booth for my events.  I thought this one was exquisite so I wanted to show off a photo I took of it!

Visit TWE12VE today!

Once the event is over they will be available at my BamPu Legacies Fantasy Shop !

Happy Shopping!

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Bambi Chicque

Designer ~ BamPu Legacies

& SL Blogger

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