Spirit Of Steam ~ Matching Men’s & Ladies “Huzza” Steampunk Full Outfits

I hear all the time there’s not enough outfits for men, so I will be making an effort to focus on this! 

I also hear a lot that people love matching men’s and ladies’ outfits. 

So, here you go!

You can find the matching sets at Mieville’s Brass Menagerie Steampunk Fair


At my BamPu Legacies Satellite Shop!

🌷 ⊱∻ There are 2 FatPack Sets for Ladies and 2 for Men:

  • Spirit Of Steam ~ Love Letters ~ which is perfect in greens for Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Spirit Of Steam ~ Huzzah ~ Soft Grunge Blacks mixed with a hint of the pinks (materials enabled) and steampunk fabrics.
  • The Steampunk Hats are also sold separately (both for men and women).

🌷 ⊱∻ The FatPacks contain the hats, shoes/boots & outfits!

🌷 ⊱∻ I have a sale going on at the shop for Popeye’s Steampunk Men’s socks, too, along with lots of other items!

Happy Shopping!