An enchantment awaits through the Shadowstone Portal.  Take me to the moon, she whispers softly.  Her travels will send her beyond the mind’s eye and comfort the lost fairies of soul.  Once there your fantasy dreams will come true….Here you can visit Fantasy Faire 2022!

Fantasy Faire is embracing the hearts of Second Life through May 8th, 2022.  The theme is always to build a world without Cancer.  Designers are offering new and exclusive items relating to fantasy via Relay For Life Vendors where you, too, can be a part of the donations going to this successful fund-raising event.  Fantasy Faire began in 2009 and has grown with passion ever since.

As you visit one of my favorite realms to shop and explore “Living Echos”, you will see the gorgeous purple Nimethiel Trees (RFL Item by Harshlands) blooming and flourishing throughout the build.  Purple is the theme color for Relay For Life and as you shop, you will be able to select lots and lots of purple designs! Go purple yourself!

And the mushrooms! OMgosh! En Pointe created some very popular and unique styles of mushrooms for all of us dreamscape lovers!  I’ll be spreading these around many times over and over!  You are able to modify the glowing; which I did for this photo so you can see the hanging fungi skirting each of them.  There are also pods for which you can spread out or set the mushrooms upon!

Instantly I fell in love with Konoha’s “Jadite Trees and Citrine Flora” (both mesh items)!  Talk about fantasy for your garden or undersea experiences!  

Another popular FF2022 item is KMH’s F195 Braided Hair!  I am particularly in favor of this set since the color variations (Fatpack) are unique and I’ll be able to wear this for many reviews in the future since it offers a style for many!

We all have followed Juna through her art in tattoos for many years.  She has a wonderful “Naimi Head & Body Tattoo” Set which offers a variation in opacities.  Another fantasy must to add to your beautiful bodies!

The Ostara’s Alter Hunt & Event will sadly end tomorrow; so, if you love what I am showing here, fly yourself quickly lest the sales and hunt prices will be lost.

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻ STYLE CARD ∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻

Harshlands ~ Nimethiel’s Tree – RFL Edition ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

En Pointe ~ Sylvusian Mushrooms Umbrellas ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

Konoha – Jadite Trees & Citrine Flora ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

Juna ~ Naimi Head & Body Tattoo ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

KMH ~ F195 Hair ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

CAZIMI ~ Whipped Lipstick

Foxcity Poses ~ Refresh

Raindale – Shadowstone Portal ~ Ostara’s Alter Hunt & Event April 2022

Dragon Magick Wares ~ Triple Goddess ~ Ostara’s Alter Hunt & Event April 2022

Oubiliette ~ Raspberry Persephone Dress ~ Ostara’s Alter Hunt & Event April 2022

QE Designs ~ Rose Circlet ~ Ostara’s Alter Hunt & Event April 2022

LolaPop! ~ Sweet Death Eyeshadow ~ Ostara’s Alter Hunt & Event April 2022

Arcana ~ Cirice Blossom Fae Skin ~ Ostara’s Alter Hunt & Event April 2022

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻

Happy Shopping!