In the depths, deep beneath our hearts, runs vivid imaginations where oddities will meet your wayward dreams.  Here we can be whoever we want to be.  Plundering into shadows, flying over monuments and shopping along the way; we bring home memories of an annual event that delights us only once a year. 

Three weeks is just not enough for me, personally.  Every corner is a new photo opp.  The shops fascinate me while I pan around to find their Relay For Life vendors; knowing I’ll cherish what I buy while helping towards a Linden count to a worthy cause.  My heart races as I take it all in, knowing that soon it will be gone forever.

From the first time my eyes laid upon Alia’s floating boats driving into the depths of a sparkling sea and disappearing into the night years ago, I was hooked.  I remember flying up into the skies where Cerridwen’s Cauldron carefully designed floating air castles of illuminating lanterns where Designers revered in the theme.  I was a mermaid.  I was a fairy.  I was a gothic witch.  I was living my dream.  And I knew I wanted to be a part of it all.

Every year tops the year before and the year before that.  World Builders have become our heroes and I’ve watched some of my closest friends in Second Life shape our fantasies into unbelievable motifs of hallucinative Pandoras and mythical journeys.  Each Faireland Realm has its own magical exposition in design with carefully thought-out feature medleys of statues, waterfalls, gardens, winding stairs, monuments, giant spectacles and surprises along the way.

We have an important world of fashions in SL, but with Fantasy Faire you are able to shape your personal realm and bring yourself to life as a dancing mushroom, a prowling lion, a giant Orc, A unicorn centaur, a tiny fairy or even a dinky Dinkie!  Or hey, like me!  Become a sea-dwelling mermaid! Role-players and their sim builds will make room for new rewards, Event Owners will reshape their next adventure and shopping towns will make room for new unique architecture. 

Today is Monday and we all have until Wednesday night at midnight to dive into this year’s mind-blowing 20 sims.  Become a Fairelander yourself in the next few days.  Hurry before it poofs!

As an Official Blogger for Fantasy Faire, I truly wish there was more time to show off everyone’s Blogger Packs that they so kindly offered.  If you have followed me, you will know that I do continue to utilize these wonderful gifts in the future; and have done so throughout the twelve years I have blogged. 

Farewell to Fantasy Faire 2022…now I must leave you at the end of this article because I have one more review that I’ve set aside for a special Good-Bye!

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Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻ STYLE CARD ∻⊰ 🌷 ⊱∻

Simple Reflections ~ Gilded Rotunda – Sea ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

En Pointe ~ Sylvusian Fantail Rider Pink, Sylvusian Miniwhale RFL Floater ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

meadowWorks ~ Sobek God of the Nile Statue ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

Cerridwen’s Cauldron ~ Tube Corals Cyan ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

Living The FantaSea ~ Mermaid’s Chair & Underwater Coral Scene ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

Color Alchemists/Imagine ~ Mushroom Tendrils Set ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

[7+] ~ Coral Reef Under Water Scene

My Lovely Mermaid is Wearing:

Milk Blood ~ Alina Skin Tone 01 FatPack BOM-LEL-EVOX ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

ANTAYA ~ Mermaid Scales (Face & Body FatPacks) ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

Petrichor ~ Kekyri Orbs Sunken Treasure ~ Fantasy Faire 2022 Gift

Cynefin ~ Nemissa Mermaid Mesh-Bento Tail

FHHS (Flying Horse Head Studios) ~ Nemissa BOM Tail Skin Base Trophy ~ Quest Prize Fantasy Faire 2022

irrISIStible ~ KOI KOI Mermaid Top, Headpiece & Hair

Cynefin ~ Lorelei Pose #3