Being part of the Mieville Group and all their events is always a pleasure to participate in! I created 2 different “Ren Faire Ye Olde Shack Booths” that can be set out at events or to decorate your medieval areas.

They have an open front and an open side. The texturing is HQ and coordinates perfectly with the renaissance theme.

They are designed with the pennants attached as well as a set of pennants to use elsewhere.

I have more at the faire, so hop on over to see the new items! Visit my booth at the Renaissance Faire Hunt & Event here!

And? What about the HUNT?

Yes sir, my Lord!

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My Ren Angel Fairy Lamps come in 2 sizes. Fly on over to my BamPu Legacies Shop to find your prize!

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Finally, while making the pennants to match the shack booths, I really liked a particular texture I made and decided to use it for a different set with just pennants!

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Happy Shopping & Hunting!

xoxo Bambi